Ways to be Ahead of Fashion in this Age of Social Media

The fashion industry is a dynamic place such as social media much has changed in the fashion industry during the past 20 to 30 years. No design is protected in this time of digitalization and communication, if you add some sort of design, it would be copied by yur competitors. In the past, fashion designs were published in fashion magazines, and they were well protected by the designers and the fashion designers. The summer dresses wholesale have many styles and varieties for both men and women, new designs are coming every day. The main gatekeepers of fashion are the editors, experienced designers, and retailers.

Social media has changed the concepts of fashion, new trends are coming into the industry quickly. The main reason for the changing trends is the increased level of communication between the fashion community and the target audience.

In this article, we are discussing the power of the social media, in this age of social sharing:

The power of Instagram:

 Instagram is one of the most used forums, to share images around the world, there are amazing levels of posts and sharing on Instagram. Instagram proving one of the most effective forums for Branding and Marketing for fashion brands. You would be amazed to know, there are 100 million images shared daily on Instagram. There are around 1 billion monthly users around the world of Instagram. Can you imagine the power of the sharing of these images, and it causes a quarter of the purchase.


This is a huge quantity of business around the world, these images are a great source of consumer purchasing. You can say Instagram has become the premier fashion-sharing platform around the world. Whatever design you want to search for, you can find it via Instagram. Customers are going to purchase these designs which they are searching for, this is the main reason why most fashion brands have their presence on Instagram. Customers are searching and login into various leading fashion brands.

The fashion industry and Fast fashion:

There is no place for such a brand that is not effectively using social media for the projection of its brand. The fashion industry and digitalization are two industries growing in parallel patterns. Both the industries are boosting each other and growing with the help of each other, for example, the Fast fashion industry is the phenomenon of today’s fashion industry. The whole Fast fashion industry is due to the digitization of fashion concepts. It is the connectivity with the end-users, which makes the fast fashion industry emerge.

The fashion designers know exactly, What are the requirements of the market. They are producing the products according to the needs and wants of the market. The fast fashion industry is all about the collaboration between designers, wholesalers, retailers, and consumers. This is the main reason why fast fashion products are purchased hand to hand.

Benefits of using social media:

Fashion garments and fashion products are now purchased in huge quantities by online purchasing. It is simply impossible for companies to survive without proper digital media planning. Companies do find it attractive to invest on social media and on interactive websites as they are simply getting handsome returns on these investments. The Fashion Industry is going online, most consumers like to purchase fashion garments online. 

There are multiple benefits of going online in the fashion industry, we are discussing them:

  • The vertical integration of the distribution channel:

    With the advent of social media companies are moving towards the vertical integration of their distribution channel and seeking direct access to the consumer. This is the main reason why companies are able to sell the products at a reasonable price. The distribution channel is like that:

Manufacturer Wholesaler Retailer Consumer

When there is no involvement of the wholesaler and the retailer in the distribution channels. The manufacturer is happy to sell the product by keeping its appropriate profit margin and providing the product at a less price as compared to the market price.

  • The ease of transaction:

    The customer likes the ease of the online transaction as compared to the brick and mortar shopping. It is also time-saving for the customer, and the ease of purchasing, they would like to purchase the online products. This is the main reason why most fashion brands are going towards making their own interactive website. The increased level of social media presence is always there in today’s fashion environment. There is the emergence of online Brands of fashion items around the world, these brands are earning a handsome amount of profitability without any brick and mortar presence on the ground. These fashion brands are providing the best of services to their target market and getting a handsome amount of revenues.

Fashion concepts are changing due to the emergence of new technologies in the fashion industry. Fashion apps are also a new phenomenon in the fashion industry.

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