5 Influencer Marketing Hacks for Digital Breakthrough

Bloggers and influencers have blown up the digital world in recent years, starting from the metropolis cities like Dubai. Harnessing the power of the social media platforms and the fan followings, these media personnel direct the path in culminating the digital marketing strategies to help achieve promotional wonders. They are more than just digital aspirants sharing lots of content in the media. With an authentic following of a specific niche, any business can project its offerings, by simply routing through them. They are like brand ambassadors, who can recommend your product to thousands or even millions of people via their profile.

While you might be wondering about what’s new among the influencer marketing strategies, here is a way out for you. We have gathered a list of compelling strategies that have worked for digital marketing Dubai, promising a breakthrough of your digital presence. Read ahead to know more:

The social media handles continue to converge and diverge at different points. As the trends evolve, so does the preference for certain platforms. For instance, there has been a change in users as they moved from Facebook towards Instagram and now to the short-video clip handles like TikTok and SnapChat.

With this, the fan following is more focused on the creators, thereby giving these influencers more power than the media handle itself. The followers tend to follow them from one channel to another. It is common to see the popularity of YouTube followers moving to Instagram and other channels and taking their followers along. Therefore, brands tend to collaborate with these content creators and reap benefits out of their fans in exchange for content, as mutually agreed upon.

  • Strong Connection with Affiliate Programs

In the world today, influencer marketing and affiliate programs have converged to formulate a complete whole. Initially what was thought to be a promotional activity done outside the realm of the company, has now become a part of it. Influencer marketing has strongly blended with the e-commerce marketing channels and is not routed towards bringing sales revenue for the business. They aim at converting the awareness campaigns down the funnel channel and driving sales out of it.

For this, the influencers direct the attention of their audience. They do so by highlighting the specifications and recommending the product to their followers. In that, they help to move the potential customers from awareness, consideration to making the purchase in a trustworthy, authentic, and personal manner.

  • Transformation and Growth of Audio-Video Content

Data bandwidth and download speed have rigorously increased in recent years. 5G has entered the marketplace and companies and businesses are quickly moving towards the race. Hence, the outburst of video and audio content. It has greatly replaced the traditional content styles and users are brimming their social media channels with engaging and captivating content.

Short videos, podcasts, audiobooks, are some common examples of audio-video content. Along with that, pop-ups, and auto-play ads flood the media platforms for advertising purposes. Nevertheless, the digital world is set to encapsulate us. Businesses need to brace themselves for the trends coming their way.

  • Authenticity- the new watchdog

In recent years, the call for delivering authentic content has risen drastically. As a result, content creators are careful at preparing and delivering content that resonates with the brand itself. The more authentic the content is; the more chances there are that it will lead to conversion.

With influence marketing, brands and content creators tend to collaborate over a common goal. In that, most of their audience also merge and they resonate a similar message. Obviously, they cannot post and publicize the content blatantly. Instead, they need to work on producing engaging and value-driven content that strengthens their trust relationship.

  • Rise of E-Activism

Just as social media has encapsulated the digital market, it has done the same for social and political awareness. Content creators who support certain notions utilize their online spaces to voice these concerns. Instagram and Twitter divert attention via hashtags and trending. TikTok gives a spotlight to anti-black, anti-fat work, and demonstrates diversity and inclusivity. With that, the SEO agency in Dubai and other metropolitan cities is harnessing the combined effect of these mediums, while ensuring higher rankings too.

Brands also hop on the bandwagon and initiate e-activism. In that, they reflect on social issues and contribute towards eradicating them. And this remains a powerful mechanism in driving change

Watch the Trends

Influencer marketing entails the untapped wonders of the digital world. but it is never too late. You can still research the new trends and incorporate them into your branding strategy. It might take some trial and error, but as you perfect it out, you will manifest wondrous benefits online and offline!

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