How do Fitness trainers become content creators?

Amidst the significant outbreak of Covid 19 or Pandemic, we have heard businesses shutting down due to losses, people dying, and the treasuries of all economies were devoted entirely to saving even one life was a significant challenge for doctors and nurses. 


Before the Pandemic, there was a shift in the fitness industry, including gyms, yoga centers, and meditation centers. The size of the Indian fitness industry was $12 billion according to the first quarter of the year 2021. It was expected to touch the $33 billion mark, out of which the contribution of specifically the fitness industry was $6.6 billion. In other words, the Total Addressable Market (TAT) size of the Indian fitness industry is INR 1400 cr, growing at a pace of 40%. Compounded annual growth rate (CAGR). 


When did it all begin? 

The rise in living standards is one of the contributing factors in transforming whims to change the lifestyle or showing great concern to represent a snobbish behavior. Not only the Indian fitness industry but the fitness industry at a global level has a market size of USD 6,046 million, projected to grow at USD 51,231 million by 2027.  


The rationale behind this transformation is nothing but growing health concerns and an increase in comfort due to life-changing advancements in technology, such as automated systems to switch on and off the lights, shut the door, development of advanced locks for security and safety of houses and office spaces, development of mopping robots and chatbots. This escalation of comfort level has gradually reduced the movement of significant body parts, including the necessity to speak with the introduction of chatbots and AI. Thus, the chances of prevailing diseases like Diabetes and Obesity have increased.


According to the International Diabetes Federation prevalence of Diabetes will increase to 366 million people by 2030, amongst which India will be home to 100 million Diabetic patients. 


The Solution Content Creator Monetization

Lifestyle change is the solution to this problem. Tech giants like Amazon will keep developing technologies for our comfort, but as stated rightly by an old proverb, “Extreme of everything is bad.” Gazing at today’s era, we can observe technology has its cons as much as it has its pros. 


This led to the rise in teaching change in people’s lifestyle by way of Fitness Training with the help of Fitness Trainers. Gold Gym, one of the most famous gyms in the country, has 150 centers with 2000 trainers working in sync with them. The Gym incurred a loss of 20-30 Lakhs during Corona. 


Though every problem comes with a solution, this led to a rise in online fitness training by trainers to their clients. By August 2020, 83% of the trainers shifted their presence online, which worked well enough. This is a massive form of content creator monetization, and platforms must support this. At this point, trainers are developing their website to engage with their audience, which costs them roughly INR 25000 annually. Fitness trainers do not have the right platform to monetize their talent, and users to are stuck in their homes with no workout guidance. 


The problem is manual handling of everything on their own by a trainer starting from website building, payment management, generating potential customers for the business, and social media promotions which too are pretty costly in this epoch. 


So, what if you are a fitness trainer and just by paying a nominal fee and signing up on an account, you get your user dashboard, where you can set your meeting slots, you get your website, you can organize paid live sessions with your clients, and you need not worry about the payment handling? 

That sounds like a good idea! Isn’t it? 


Let’s meet CallXP: 

Yes, CallXP is the world’s first Digital Toll line for content creators. CallXP welcomes creators of all sorts who are willing to monetize their skillset. 

Benefits you get as a Fitness Trainer on CallXP:

  • Your customized website 
  • Brand engagement with the clients 
  • Can book meeting slots as per your availability 
  • Generation of potential customers for your brand. 
  • Recording of meetings and calls for future use 
  • A trusted payment gateway 
  • Can host paid webinars and live sessions


Ready to Join World’s first Digital Toll Line for Content Creator Monetization:

We welcome Educators like home tutors, motivational speakers, lifestyle gurus, teachers: Consultants like Doctors, Lawyers, Psychologists, Coaches, Fitness Trainers, astrologers: Entertainers like Stage performers, musicians, stand-up comedians, artists, dancers, social media influencers, and alike. 

Creator economy platforms can bring the creators and followers together on the same page


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