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Facebook Meta is around the corner, and Elon Musk’s Neuralink puts chips in our heads. Thus 2022 and the years that follow may seem exciting, especially as technology continues to grow and expand its boundaries ever further to newer heights. People and students worldwide are now, more than ever, surrounded by gizmos and gadgets stemming from the ingenuity of the brightest in the world. And despite all the negativity over the last two years, it is an exciting time to be alive. However, you may not realise all this tech leads to problems for students and their assignments.

Perhaps the best assignment help UK students need is simply turning off all the tech around them.

Now, you’re probably thinking, “What am I reading? Another boomer telling me to turn off all the tech around me? I don’t need assignment help!” The truth is student life is hard. You’ve got dissertations, university life, assignments, and now, for the last two years, we’re even dealing with COVID-19. Of course, you can google keywords like “buy assignment online” and get help with your work. However, are there any benefits students gain from turning off the tech? Are there any negative implications of using technology? Let’s take a look.

Technology | The good

Now, when talking about tech, I don’t mean all technology is bad. Many studies have indicated the opposite depending on the field and type used. It can be a powerful tool for research or communication. In fact, during the pandemic, teachers and students alike used technology around the world. Online classes with Zoom or Google classrooms allow us to attend class, record and even relearn information we missed. However, digital technology can be harmful too, especially considering the assignment help UK students like yourself may seek out. What do I mean? Well, let’s take a look at each side of the technological debate.

Technology | The bad and ugly

Despite all the positive applications of technology in student life, there are many vital factors when looking at the negatives. These days, we’re engrossed in our digital technology, from the basics like Facebook and Instagram to Reddit and other forums. Internet addiction is more common than ever. I’m sure you, as a student, can admit to struggling without using your phone. I myself can’t go an hour without checking my messages or browsing the web. But this can’t be that bad, right?

Well, student life is hard on its own. You’ve got classes, assignments, pending work to get done. All of that can put a major strain on your mental health. Even your physical health may suffer as a result. On top of it all, we have the crazy time COVID-19 has put us through.

Topping it off with technology is something severely impairing students’ ability to learn and study. Here are some of the ways using your phone extensively or being addicted to the internet can affect you:

  • Organising, planning and productivity
  • Anxiety
  • Motivation
  • Impulse control
  • Loneliness

Students can face trouble when planning tasks or being productive as a result of internet addiction. This leads to anxiety when taking tests, not to mention the social anxiety that goes hand in hand with social media. Thus, students end up lacking impulse control and motivation to keep working hard. When this happens, students fall behind on their goals.

The research involved

When looking at the studies basing these claims, we can find several. For example, one research investigated the effect of technology on students’ working hours and academic life. The result showed a definitive negative impact. What this means for the mental and physical health or the academic lifestyle of students is telling.

What can we do?

As this trend continues to impact students across the globe, some may fall behind, and some may struggle to get through university. However, it’s good to remember the things we can do individually.

Instead of using your phone or the internet for 4 hours a day, try reducing the amount of time you spend online. Being connected through the web is great, but now, after understanding the pros and cons, you can take action. Ultimately that’s going to be the best step for assignment help UK students can get. Perhaps only overshadowed by Googling “buy assignment online.”

The Outlook:

So, whether you’re a student looking for the assignment help UK writers offer, seeking to buy your assignment online, or just someone interested in the topic of technology and its harmful outcomes, it’s important to remember using technology has its pros and cons. But knowing the right information is invaluable. It’s possible your quest to know all the right information will lead you to find fantastic surprises.

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