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Free Responsive Email Templates for Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day is coming soon, and what better way to celebrate than with free email templates? We’ve gathered some of the best responsive templates out there, so you can send something special to your loved ones.

Free email templates are THE go to rescue when..

If you Want to Save Time⏰


Free valentines day email templates are THE go to rescue when you’re in a pinch and don’t have time to design an email from scratch. With a library of templates to choose from, you can find the perfect one for your needs and have a professional-looking email ready to send in minutes.

free Email Templates

Limited Coding Skills💻

Have you ever tried to write your own HTML email template? I’ll save you the trouble by telling you it sucks. Unless you have years of experience, writing custom code for emails is frustrating at best and a downright nightmare at worst.

Hello! My name is {first-name}.

You should use an HTML email template so that you can focus on writing the content for your email, and not on designing it. Without using a template, you’ll end up spending hours debugging problems that will never be solved.

If you Need to Save Money 💰

Email configuration is one of the numerous regions in which agencies can undoubtedly accuse you of an enormous bill.

“Employing an email engineer to make custom formats is an extraordinary speculation yet accompanies a sticker price.”

So presently you’re presumably pondering where to observe the free email templates that will save your time and money.

free email templates

Some are our top resources for free responsive email templates.

1. Email on Acid

Email On Acid provides you with everything you need to send great emails. Their super useful feature is their live preview that shows you exactly how your email will look across every device and browser in real time, ensuring that it looks perfect no matter what.

There are over 15,000 free to use email templates or you can upload your own design when creating a new message. Their website also has some great tools for tracking email opens and even offers A/B split testing if you want to test out different versions of your emails.

2. Email Monks

EmailMonks is a great place to get templates for your next email marketing campaign. They offer templates for all kinds of industries and even provide Google Fonts, images and icons that you can use in the design.

Their templates are simple and easy to customize with their extensive documentation on how to make changes and other useful information.

3. RocketResponder

RocketResponder provides you with a huge library of free email templates that are available in both html and text formats. Their designs are modern and simple to customize, making them perfect if you want to use them as is or change them up a little bit to suit your brand’s color scheme.

Their website also has some excellent list building tools that will help generate more leads from your email campaigns.

4. Unlayer

Unlayer the platform for professional email designers.

They have over 1000+ pre-designed templates (and counting) that are mobile responsive and ready to use. If you’re feeling a bit lazy today check out our huge library of templates to save the day!

Mobile responsiveness is extremely important as nowadays more mail is being opened on mobile devices than computers. The biggest problem with sending emails now is that it doesn’t look good on all screens and kinds of devices, leading to a poor email experience for the user. The Unlayer team has taken this into consideration and created something that will save you the hassle, time, effort, money and resources into making your email look great and responsive on every device.

5. Email Backgrounds

Emailbackgrounds provide an extensive range of templates that come in both html and text formats ready for you to customize however you see fit. They also have a good selection of website backgrounds if you’re looking for something with a little more style.

6. Email Mockingbird

Emailmockingbird doesn’t just provide email templates, they also have a range of website backgrounds and even social media images for your use. They have an impressive gallery of all sorts of free goodies that you can download and use in your next design project.


Unlayer is an email builder that allows you to create emails with ease and at a fraction of the cost. These pre-designed templates are mobile responsive and can be altered using our user-friendly drag and drop editor. You can also add merge tags or interactive elements like videos for your convenience. With our online studio, we’re here to offer advice or feedback if needed as well as provide access to experts in design who will help make sure every element of your email looks perfect!

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