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How to Design a Landscape Inside Your Home?

There is a famous quote about plants that is “Your intuitive powers increase when you are with plants because your mind is silenced and you become more aware in the present moment.” it symbolizes the importance of the plants for your mood to be happy and relaxed. Some people have a gardening or growing different plants as their favorite hobby because they enjoy doing all this like watering the plants, fertilizing the plants, keeping the plants in the sunlight etc.

If we look at the weather conditions it’s feasible to grow plants in the tropical regions because there is a sufficient amount of sunlight, humidity and this all can help the plants to let grow fast. But as compared to the tropical regions to grow plants in the colder regions because the essential items for plants growth are not sufficient. If you want to design a landscape in your home then you can hire experts from Interior design companies in Dubai or Interior decoration Companies in Dubai. Here are some of the simple steps to make you help throughout the process.

First of all, you have to select the site where you want to set up a landscape because most of the time people just cannot decide whether to make landscaping in a backyard or on the balcony or terrace. Some have short space so they just select the terrace or balcony because it’s not an issue to grow any plants there and they will look refreshing adding to the beauty of the house. All you need are some of the plants that can grow in the humidity, maximum sunlight because on the terrace or balcony these both are abundant.

Most people don’t install any shadow there so the plants must be able to survive in extremely hot weather. If it’s on the roof tops, then there are chances that there will be less humidity because of the wind and chances of pests can be decreased by exposure to the sunlight. The herbs and shrubs will be soon on the wall hangings here and there adding greenery to the home look also you can plant leafy ornamental vines or some of the flowering vines that can also help to have privacy from the outside starring.

  • Tropical plants:

If you are residing in any tropical region, then here are some suggestions regarding choosing plants for your landscape design. Bamboos, ferns, palms, orchids are the most commonly grown tropical plants. But there is one thing that is obvious tropical plants need. Extra care in overwatering can damage the roots of the plants which can lead to dead plants.

There is a variety of fruit plants that you can grow like mangoes, kiwi, guava, avocados, loquats and papaya likewise in the vegetable category. You can grow Chinese cabbage, tomatoes, chilies  and capsicum. In the tropical regions, the butterflies, hummingbirds or any other are attracted towards the tropical plants the colourful butterflies can look beautiful in your place. These all types of plants are easy to grow with little attention, adding beautiful green vibes to your place. Plus you can enjoy fresh organic fruits or vegetables any time when you want.

  • Adding furnishings:

This is a must to add some furniture to your patio, landscape or garden. So you can spend some quality time there relaxing and feeling the fresh green vibes in the sunlight. Before buying furniture you have to keep in mind two things. That there can be extremely hot weather and then there can be rains. So you have to invest in some wooden or recycled plastic table and chairs with an umbrella. So you can sit comfortably there even if in the sunlight. Another idea is to get some protective shades like green sheets to protect the area from intense sunlight.

  • Add some style:

The next step is to add some style into your landscape area. By incorporating some trendy colourful lights, grass- covered pathways with textured tiles, a shining fountain. In the middle some trendy flower baskets or a wind chime to add some relaxing sound into the area. This is the place where you can also host some private functions like Birthday parties. Or any other kind of refreshing events with a hired catering service to enjoy the scenery.

  • Setup a study corner:

Some people like to study books or novels or any other thing their favorite in the sound and relaxing environment. Where they can just focus on the reading so it’s best to place to read a book. Or if you have set up this landscape into your terrace or balcony. Then you can also place some good books there to enjoy in free time.


These are some of the tips to make your landscape remarkable. Because whenever the guests will visit they will be astonished by your creative ideas. Hire an expert team from Restaurant design in Dubai to have a wonderful experience.

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