Grow your restaurant business with the Delivery App In Covid 2022


With online food delivery apps systems, you can take your food business to the next level. Adding the food delivery options to your restaurants is becoming a new normal.

It has one significant surge not only in the food ordering but also due to Covid situations in the delivery services that you have witnessed.

Even the time has passed, the Covid pandemic has left a mark that can’t be erased for many years. With possibilities that a pandemic might return.

Online Food delivery is one great way that would increase not only revenues, and sales, but also various profit margins that you come across at your restaurant.

The customer will have several choices:

  • In our custom restaurant app, Customers will be having various choices, like the items they get will be along with pictures, advertisements, and prices.
  • They will get options to either pay through cash or even credit cards. As app would offer them various payment options.
  • They will be able to create profiles as well with display pictures, contact numbers, and order history.
  • They will get updates about the status of their delivery, such as the order has been prepared, it is ready for pickup or your order has arrived.
  • It will allow customers to track orders.

The vendor will have several other choices

  • Vendors will be able to register on the app and all the basic details like the areas they want to deliver food, the food items they would be comfortable to deliver everything.
  • They would be notified with the alert that would ring right after accepting the order.
  • Should have the ability to deny or accept the order on their own.
  • They would be notified at every stage of order preparation.
  • They would have the ability to send updates to the customers like
  • your order has been prepared or it is ready to be delivered or some other messages like that item are out of stock or the riders are busy, etc.

Challenges we might face during an app development

Restaurant app development might seem all easy and fun, but they are much more complicated as they involve multiple roles.

Careful roots optimization

Right after delivering a customer wants its food to be delivered within no time, and for that, we have to calculate and come up with the best route that would take very little time.

Choosing the right type of roots will let us optimize various things about life, as to how we can make our services much more quick and efficient.


More often so many customers gather up and it becomes nearly impossible to take orders and deliver food to all of them at one time.

And we have to be ready for such situation as every customer wants their food to be delivered as soon as possible.

The project functionality

Before preparing the app design and food projects, at Appeastern, we do take care of the functionality of that app.

Because of this, we would get to know about how we can make our app handle various functionalities that you have to offer and all at the same time.

The Covid safety measures

We take care of safety measures with our trendy apps we have a temperature tracker.

This will notify the customer about the temperature of the rider, the chef, and every person involved in preparing to pack to final delivery.

This way any rider, cook, or packing person having a high fever or any other chance of Covid would not be allowed to deliver food. This feature also gives satisfaction to the customers about their riders and the chefs.

They would get to know that food is safe and they wouldn’t get Covid at least through our delivery systems.

It is customizable, user friendly, and under budget

Getting food delivery apps can cost a huge amount of money that you don’t even realize.

The cost of mobile apps is getting higher day by day, but with our tailor-made services.

We at Appeastern would offer you a high-quality app along with all the significant features.

Our food delivery apps have been serving a bundle of restaurants for many years as we do take care of:

  • The user types, like various kinds of users, their needs, expectations, experiences, behaviors, etc.
  • Demonstrate in great detail how a particular feature would work in a particular situation related to customer, vendor, or runner.
  • Show off the user flows, as to how a user will go from the entry point to the particular set of steps and result in a successful final action.
  • The app architecture, like everything visually defined like features, infrastructures, hierarchy, etc.
  • A basic layout about things that would help us focus on features, functions, and basic details say fonts, logos, colors, etc.

UX design

Here we would create the standard layout for the app; this is achieved by displaying elements that would appear on every page, including prototype and wireframes. This is a design plan.

In addition to this, This part helps you with a very clear understanding of various devices your app will be used about how things would be carried out, And what are the necessary measurements you have to take before designing. All of this is essential for designing a perfect delivery app for you.

UI design

Right after UX designing, we would precede to UI this would include the mockups, deeper iterations, and various wireframes.

This mockup would need a static wireframe that would need various UI details, and a model of what your app would look like.

The mockup will include various details like

  • Coloring, styling, graphics.
  • Buttons, texts, navigations.
  • Components that we need to add.

Summing up:

  • A global pandemic can affect your restaurant business in the worst way possible.
  • With food delivery apps you can tackle these new challenges and perform your best.
  • We take care of several things like safety precautions, fastest delivery, responsive apps, etc.
  • We always design our apps perfectly regarding everything that one would take care of.
  • Our apps are very much customizable; they are customer-friendly and much efficient regarding customer needs.

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