Car Wash: New Year, New Techniques Swarming in

We start the day with a shower and freshen up. It washes off the tiredness and prepares us for the day ahead. With all the preparations done, we are all set for the day ahead, and cruising across the metropolitan city of Dubai. Yet, we may not be able to say the same for our cars out there. Many people amongst us tend to forget the amount of attention and care that our car requires daily, and keep the car rolling. However, that is not the way ahead. Taking care of your car brings forth numerous benefits for the car owners, and should not be missed in any way.

To reap most of the benefits, make sure to adopt a habit of visiting the car wash centers and pampering your car. With that, here is a look at some of the car wash techniques, starting with prowash, that will prove best for you and your car this year. Here is a look at some of them in detail:

Pro Wash Car Wash

Pro wash is a quick, easy and effective car wash cleaning method that deploys the use of mechanical power and delivers IPA to the printed parts of the car. IPA is a 50/50 composition of water and isopropyl alcohol and works in detail to prep the car. In that, it can eliminate all signs of oil and clears the car body before the application of wax.

In addition to that, pro-wash incorporates a unique car wash method that greatly decreases the agitation and washes duration, while optimizing the cleaning process. Nevertheless, this remains a convenient and easy process, leveraging the use of advanced technology and optimizing efficiency. So that every time the car comes out of the wash, it is spotlessly clean and dry.

Automatic In-bay Car Wash

This, predominantly remains, one of the most popular car wash techniques for car owners. They are most commonly available in the gas stations, featuring either friction-style, touchless, or a combination of both. Regardless of the option, they choose there are several wash options to make the pick from. These include tires, undercarriage cleaning, wheel-cleaning, and also spray-on wax. Based on the budget options, one can make the pick accordingly.

The procedure involves the stationary car with the automatic rollers moving on its surface to clean it out. With a sensor-based setup, the number of rollers automatically comes up and begins the washing process. The tire sensors also know about the exact location of the tires and how far apart they are. The computer system also guides the robotic washers with the process. In that, they can do it quickly, paying directly at the electronic cashier, thereby speeding up the cleaning techniques process completely.

Touchless Car Wash

Touchless, as the name suggests, does not incorporate the use of brushes or bristles. Instead, it completely uses pressure washers, pressure air, and chemical cleaners that work just fine as any other mechanism. In a touchless car wash, the car slowly moves into the tunnel and high-pressure washers work to thoroughly clean and wash the car entirely. Since it is touchless, the procedure does not include foam or cloth applicators that give a soft touch.

Moreover, the touchless car wash has a handy movement mechanism. It is flexible enough to reach all parts and sides of the car’s body. With a combination of cleaning and polishing chemicals, all of them are thoroughly applied to the car’s surface. The high-pressure water jets help with the even application on the entire body. In that, they can eliminate all the signs of dust and dirt particles in an adequate time.

Flex- Serve Tunnel Car Wash

There are several variations attached to this car wash technique. Yet, the most simplistic one of them incorporates a conveyor tunnel with automated gated entry, allowing a single car to enter at a time. Also, it does not involve any manual prepping. The optional exterior cleaning can be done via computer-controlled equipment.

The flex-serve tunnel car wash begins with a base wash to be entered into the automated computer. Additional services can be added on top of that to increase the outlook and enhance features altogether.

Power Cleaning Techniques at Work

Car wash is a need of time. People need such a quick, effective, and convenient mechanism to maintain the value of the car. In the fast-paced world, opting for the self-serving mechanism may not be that time-friendly. Therefore, taking your car for a car service in Dubai remains a viable option. After all, the power washing avoids you from scrubbing, remains agitation-free, and saves time as you progress into the year ahead.

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