Types of cleaning and features of the cleaning process

Cleaning the premises is a mandatory procedure that helps to maintain cleanliness and order in the building, a normal microclimate, and pleasant conditions for work and leisure. Today, various cleaning companies located in many cities throughout the US provide a full range of services, for instance, death cleanup service Dallas County, or mold remediation services. There are several types of cleaning, which are used depending on the type of premises, the frequency of the cleaning, and the peculiarities of cleaning.

Let’s consider the key types of cleaning of the premises, depending on their type, the specifics of the cleaning work, the goals of the procedure, and the premises in which they are carried out.

Types of cleaning and what they involve.

Regular daily cleaning.

Such cleaning is also called maintenance cleaning, and its task is clear from the name of the service itself – the aim of the regular daily cleaning is to keep an apartment clean. This cleaning option is necessary everywhere, both in a private house and in offices. Regular daily cleaning includes the following standard actions:

• Cleaning of surfaces from dust: window sills, pieces of furniture, floors, walls;

• Treating household appliances, heating radiators, air conditioning, boiler, etc.;

Cleanup after renovation.

Post-renovation cleanup should include the following actions:

• Removal of residues of building materials and mixtures, old dismantled materials. This task may even require a garbage disposal vehicle;

• With the use of special chemicals, all surfaces are cleaned, especially the floor, on which there are always traces of plaster, putty, paint, and other dirt that cannot be erased with just a cloth or clean water;

• Dust removal. An important task is to remove dust from all surfaces because after repair and dismantling of old materials, it usually clogs into all the cracks.

It is necessary to carry out all the above actions so that the premises become fully suitable for living.

Death cleanup service.

The companies which provide this kind of cleaning, for example, death cleanup service Dallas County carry out the following procedures:

  • Removal of residual biological liquids;
  • Disposal of damaged items;
  • Cleaning of affected items of furniture;
  • Removal of the floor covering in the area where the body was located;
  • Cleaning of all surfaces (windows, doors, walls, ceiling);
  • Putrid odor removal
  • Room disinfection

The whole process of cleaning and sanitation of the premises takes from 30 minutes to several days for death cleanup service Dallas County. To get rid of the putrid smell, ozone treatment is carried out (destruction of gases, odors, and chemical compounds released during the decomposition of the body).

Death cleanup service Dallas County also carry out the suicide scene cleanup services and crime scene cleanup services. These services are characterized by thorough cleaning and disinfection of all possible premises. Not every cleaning company can provide these services. The staff should be not only skilled in cleaning but also psychologically trained to be able to deal with these extreme cases. People working for death cleanup service Dallas County are unique and therefore in great demand.

To sum up, whatever cleaning services you require, you need to turn to professionals if you want the work to be done really well.

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