Important Things no one Tells you about Wedding Planning

Planning your wedding is not easy as there are so many tasks to be done to plan the most important day of your life. The whole process of wedding planning is somewhat predictable. People know what they want and how to do it. However, there are times that a few surprises that pop us, which are straight-up unavoidable.

Of course, it pays to be prepared, but you should know that even the most meticulous preparation may not save you from some of the curveballs.

Therefore, here we are to tell you some things that no one tells you about Wedding Planning…

It takes equal effort in planning a casual wedding as well as a fancy one

Whether the drapes you chose for the entrance matches the one used for the stage or the ones for the minimalist décor, you still have to make a decision.

Also, you want to serve a certain flavoured ice-cream or go for macarons, or wear a certain coloured lehenga, you have to make choices. Even if you chose one of the huge banquet halls in South Delhi or a smaller one, you have to do it asap.

We know this realization tends to hit everyone that it taken an equal effort but the realization alone is half the battle. And the other half can be solved by diving a generous portion of time to plan thing without panicking. Whatever you go for take time.

You’re always talking about the wedding, way more than you think

You may have observed your friends rolling their eyes when you were on the phone talking all about what coloured theme you want for your sangeet? Or you have asked your mom about the makeup artist you booked for your wedding day? We know, you are guilty about it.

Trust us, you won’t be able to press just a pause button on your wedding day discussions. You are all excited about all the fun and enjoyment you are going to have during the celebration. But expecting just one or two people to go through all that? You should spread that obsessing out over a wider circle of friends.

Terms like “classic” are highly subjective

There are fair chances that term “classic” may mean something red and gold at some beautiful venue but to your planner,

it could mean something in subtle colours with ornate décor, and to your florist, it might mean a tented affair with a romantic look which may confuse you with what aesthetic you should go for or does it fit your vision.

Whatever you want to go for, you should know that a picture is worth a thousand words. All you need to do is show your vendors what “classic” means to you by bringing them examples of what you want. This will save everyone’s time and help you make them understand what you want.

 A big expense may pop up

As we have mentioned before, certain expenses may pop up unexpectedly while planning your wedding. It can be anything such as requirement of something waterproof in the case of weather change or heaters if it got too cold. There are chance that expenses like these weren’t in your budget.

You should know that even the tightest budget needs a little wiggle room. There should be a buffer of at least 5 percent of the overall budget from the beginning so that you don’t panic if something went south.

Some stupid spats may happen

You and your partner may or even your families can have different likes when it comes to making decisions for your functions.

There are chances that you wanted something glamorous for your cocktail function but your fiancé may want to go for something laidback and more fun.

You should remember that both of you are on the same team and want to have a memorable wedding celebration. You should spend more time with your partner and discuss what you want.

Your Husband-to-be won’t care about things you want him to

Many tasks needed to be done for the wedding. This list includes planning the menu, choosing the entertainment for cocktail. There are chances even slightest of disinterest from your partner may bum you out.

Above all, 

you thought these things these he sure would enjoy — so what will this mean for all the not-so-fun details?

The best way to go through this smoothies is to ask him what he wants to do and then listen to what he says. There are chances that he may be not disinterested. He’s acting or he is tired or distracted because of something.

Maybe even he may just have no interest in wedding planning at all.

Need to try

You need to try to make peace with it as you are married your partner because he will be a good husband not a good wedding planner.

Everyone around you will have an opinion

Whosoever is around you and knows about your wedding will have an opinion. That list can include don’t go for an open venue, or don’t wear heavy jewellery or so on. There will be so many opinions that you can think of around you.

When it comes to Indian weddings there are so many things that people will say. All you need to do is listen to your heart as in the end it’s your wedding. Listen to them but do what you want to do!

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