How to fix canon pixma mx922 b200 error?

Canon printers are the most effective of their kind, and they strive to provide decent print quality. However, sometimes, the technology is odd, reducing the overall processing process, as well as the error handling methods. Error code b200 on Canon printers could affect the overall speed of print processing. This error code is connected with the area of the cartridge of the printer’s system. Get to know more about Canon Pixma mx922 b200 error.

This blog post thoroughly explained the error-detection process used to resolve error code b200 on the Canon Pixma Mx 922 printer error code b200.

What is the error code b200?

Typically the error code B200 on the Canon Pixma MX922 printer means that there is a defective print head.

What are the causes of the error b200 on your Canon Pixma Mx 922 Printer?

This error message 200 which was display in Canon printer models could affect the first  of printing as well as the process. This could be due to a few important reasons, which are listed below.

  • Drying up cartridge
  • Replica ink cartridge
  • Overheating
  • Cartridges jamming
  • Waste tank filled

Dryed up cartridge

When you stop using the copier for a long period of time, and then make use of it again the canon b200 error can be observ. The Canon MX922 printer is compatible with two kinds of cartridges that are 2 and 4+. Both will run dry if not utilized for a long time.

Replica ink cartridge

Sometimes, an ink of poor quality installed in the system may cause a major change in the system. In the event that you use it, the system, it can ruin the printing experience. It is recommended you utilize the original ink from Canon printer.


If you print multiple documents simultaneously over a long period of time it is possible to see Canon print error code b200 flashing on your monitor. The print head gets overheated due to excessively filled instructions, and the printer stops connecting to the cartridge. The printing ceases and the printer displays the Canon support code mx922 b200.

The cartridges are jam

It has been discover that in some instances that jamming of the ink cartridges area or section of the printer could lead to many serious issues. This issue caused the paper to drip. It is recommended to clean and check the cartridge’s section thoroughly.

Tank filled with waste

Canon MX922 features an internal waste ink container. In the course of cleaning it stores and collects the ink waste. Canon MX922 error b200 may occur if the tank is completed. To solve the issue it is necessary to inspect and clean the tank.

How to fix the Canon b200 Error Code?

This is the full troubleshooting procedure to fix the error code b200 in Canon printer models.

Start the printer

One of the most basic ways to get rid of the error for the Canon printer is to reboot the printer. Restart it and observe if the MX922 support code b200 disappears.

Replace cartridges

It is important to take these steps to complete the task:

  • Reconfigure all the cartridges. To rebuild the linkage of the cartridge to the printer, remove all of the old cartridges and swap them out with a fresh one, or just reinstall them.

Examine the cartridge for your printer for more information about the issue and solutions.

Clean and reinstall the print head
  • Remove the printer head and clean the connections to the backside of the printer carefully. After everything is cleaned and dry, ensure the ribbon cable is properly connected to the printer head before installing it.
  • After you’ve taken out the head of your printer after that, rinse it under hot water to remove any remaining ink prior to replacing it.
Reload the driver

At the final point, corrupted driver software for the printer within the system could affect the performance of the printer system. The only way to repair the issue with the printer is to restore the driver on the system.

Press the printer driver installation to access the pertinent details.


Canon printers are well-known for printing high-quality images. Inconsistencies can be fixed however, you should exercise the greatest caution when choosing to clean the printer head. It is not recommended to do this unless have some experience with devices or else, you might end up damaging it. Start by trying other methods before you settle on this one. Contact us for assistance.

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