How Many People Use Instagram Stories in 2022?

Instagram Stories are vertical images or videos that have a 15 second duration. They automatically end within 24 hours.

Instagram Story are vertical images or videos that have a 15 second duration. They automatically end within 24 hours. The feature was first introduced in the year 2016 and was influenced by Snapchat. Although the concept was derived by Snapchat, Instagram Stories became popular in a short time, particularly among young. Instagram Stories are versatile and can be utilized for a myriad of purposes. But for more exposure of these, you may have to buy Instagram followers in Nigeria.

Around 90 percent of businesses all over the world are on Instagram.  All of them post Instagram Stories occasionally or regularly to draw the audience’s interest. Businesses and brands post their products and services on Instagram Stories and utilize the visual appeal.


The great thing about Instagram is the fact that users can share a wide range of posts, such as videos, collages, photos as well as creative content. In addition, they simultaneously earn money from it.


This article focuses on the number of people who use Instagram Stories in 2022.

1. 61% of Instagram Users Find Their Friends Activities through Instagram Stories

Stories on Instagram are a fantastic source of information that can help you understand what your social media friends are doing. Stories on Instagram allow users to find authentic content.


2. More than 500 Million Users Utilize Instagram Stories Daily

1 out of 5 Instagram stories receives messages direct from story readers. According to statistics, Instagram has more than 1 billion monthly users, of which, 500 million users view Instagram stories each day.

3. Daily Active Instagram Stories from October 2016 until January 2019,

Because Instagram is a popular social media platform on which most of the users are young generation, companies are focusing more on implementing marketing techniques to engage their users. Instagram Stories are a fantastic method of connecting with their intended audience.

So, Creative Instagram Stories created by Instagram Influencers have demonstrated an extensive range of business sales conversion.


In addition, Around 22 percent of brands produce Instagram Stories to showcase the insider look on their services and products. Around 14 percent host an Influencer events, and 10 percent share the happenings in their lives.

5. Instagram StoryHas Increased the Average Daily Usage of Instagram to 28 Minutes.

Instagram Stories are displayed at the top of every page of users which allows users to view different types of Story templates shared by the people who they follow.

According to research, users have been using Instagram for 28 more minutes since the launch Instagram Stories.

6. Nearly 50% of Influencer Marketing relied on Instagram Stories.

Experts in global marketing think that Influencer marketing will prove turn out to be the most efficient method of marketing in the coming years.


However, there are many influential people on social media Many are on Instagram. Instagram accounts where they can connect with their fans quickly.


And majority of marketers utilize Instagram Stories as part of 25 percent of their marketing efforts.


So, Around 13 percent utilize Instagram stories, which accounts for 100 percent of the marketing campaigns of Influencers.


7. 70 percent of Instagram Story

Instagram Stories run for just 15 seconds and the majority of people are watching them with their sound on. The advertising agencies took part in a study and came up with these findings that open up the possibility of creating shorter Instagram Story ads that can instantly connect with viewers.


8. 70% of Instagram Story

There are numerous studies and data that demonstrate that young people are more engaged on Instagram more than other network.


And According to Hubspot, 60 percent of Generation X and 59 percentage of Gen Z watch Instagram stories often.

About 25 percent go through stories to find out more about a service or product. But, a study revealed the fact that 72 percent Gen Z like Snapchat Stories more than Instagram Stories.


9. 90% of Completion Rate for Sports-Related Instagram Story

Sports-related content is a favorite of many and are willing to watch videos if they’re interesting.

According to statistics, Sports featured Instagram Stories are over 90% completion rate. Entertainment-related Instagram Stories follow it with an 88 percent rate.


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