Where to Buy Crypto in Australia?

Are you wondering about the best platform in Australia to buy and sell crypto? If the answer is yes, then you are here at the right place!

When it comes to determining the best platform, there are a few crucial elements to focus on intently, such as fees, security, user interface, tax, and choice of coin.

Understandably, no one wants to pay excessive fees when buying assets, which is why it is crucial to think frugally when choosing the best crypto exchange in Australia.

Before proceeding, you should know that crypto is a highly volatile and speculative investment, and it is not uncommon for crypto to drop by up to 90% in a short time.


On number one, we have Swyftx – the platform that has more than 320 listed assets. The trading fees of Swyftx are only 0.6%. The best part is that Swyftx has no deposit fees as well as no withdrawal fees. Swyftx is immensely popular for its easy and smooth user interface.

As a newbie trader, you will find Swyftx very easy to use. You won’t have to upload scanned documents for verification at the time of signing up – it is certainly a very beginner-friendly platform. Also, the security of Swyftx is pretty good.

The security is induced by the integration of Swyftx with Auth0, which means that they have two-factor authentication.

Rest assured, Swyftx also confirms withdrawals, account detail changes, and high-volume traders.

As a beginner trader, you can immensely benefit from their demo account. Once you are a pro and feel confident about venturing into the crypto world, you can keep track of all your transactions on the platform.

Swyftx keeps a transaction history of all of your trades, and you can always look in retrospect at them for tax time. The best part is that you don’t have to sit on your computer or open your laptop each time you want to trade on Swyftx.

You can access the amazing mobile app of Swyftx from anywhere and at any time – this way, you can trade by buying and selling cryptocurrency whenever you want.

You might as well click on the following link to know more about Swyftx: Swyftx Review: Australia’s Leading Crypto Exchange.

A Few Important Things to Know

You will need to keep a few things in mind when making crypto exchanges. For instance, it is absolutely essential to have two-factor authentication on your crypto exchange. In other words, ideally, if you want to log into your crypto account, you will require access to your phone.

The phone is required in response to receiving a text message from Google authenticator. The underlying reason why things like these matter are for your own safety. Suppose a hacker does get access to your crypto exchange password.

For obvious reasons, the potential hacker won’t be able to log in unless they also can access your phone number or your Google authenticator. Understandably, a potential hacker might find it extremely challenging to get a hold of these things.

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