How to increase product sales on Instagram?

Selling products on Instagram

Selling products on Instagram

There will also be a problem with disappearing likes, but certainly the usefulness of this social platform is not going to run out. Also because it is increasingly easier to sell products on Instagram.

The new Checkout feature allows you to eliminate intermediaries and buy directly from the posts you publish on your account.

This solution, however, is only available for about twenty international brands, we mere mortals can settle for the Shopping tag to trigger a sales path on Instagram. How does it work and optimize it?

How to activate the shopping mode?

To sell products on Instagram you need to make sure that it is possible to tag goods in images and videos. So when the user sees the content they can reach the sales page. With Checkout the idea is to land directly on the ecommerce tab. For now, the path is different:

Activate a Business profile on Instagram.

Connect the account to a Facebook page.

Insert a showcase with products on Fb.

Add the Shopping function on Instagram.

Wait for requirements verification and start tagging.

Now you have maximum freedom to add reports on your shots or clips to bring virtuous visits to the pages that generate revenue. But is this enough to sell products on Instagram?

Create Instagram sponsorship

This is a solution that must always be present in your social media marketing activities. Attention, you cannot sponsor images that have been tagged with the shopping tag. However, you have the option of inserting a working and clickable link. Interesting solution, don’t you think?

Those who know this platform know well that it is not possible to insert hyperlinks on these updates, except in the biography. Only one. That usually goes to the home page of the site. If you want to bring people from the photo directly to the product sheet or on the landing page you have to focus on this solution. And create sponsored posts that can be managed directly by Facebook.

Buy Instagram followers

If you want to increase selling on then it is very important that you increase your Instagram followers, then this will help to reach more traffic on your account but if you are thinking to Increase your wrong here are minimum chance that you will get success then here is very simple and easy way to increase your Instagram followers is buy Instagram followers this is very simple and easy method which will help to get success in your business or increase your selling.

How to buy Instagram followers?

As we discuss above buy Instagram followers is very good idea if you are thinking to increase your sell but here is a question which is frequently ask is how to buy Instagram followers so the answer is very simple only go to your favorite browser and type buy Instagram followers you will got a lot of site which are providing Instagram followers services but this is not a good way to buy Instagram followers because in world of internet a lot of scammers are waiting for you we recommended you to buy Instagram followers from valuable sites

Choose the best photos for the products

It is clear that in order to sell more on Instagram you have to present the goods in the best possible way. Logically, a quality photo is the first parameter to follow but it is not enough. Therefore? What to do?

Selling products on Instagram by displaying them

First example to get results. On your Instagram profile you can post pictures of people using what you are selling. Making a product recognizable, concrete, simple. For everyone: if you see it at work, worn, when it performs its function, it is also easier to buy.

Post compelling combinations

For example, an ideal combination of clothes, with accessories that people can buy together. In a single post, you can tag up to five products, as well as other user accounts.

Enter Instagram tags to sell

This solution is useful for maximizing the effectiveness of each publication. Above all, it makes sure that the user is able to contextualize your work in reality together with other goods and products.

Focus on one useful detail

A photo dedicated to an aspect, a feature enhanced through a click. You know how it works: a picture is worth a thousand words; you can use the caption to describe. But it is the visual that speaks, giving convincing information. The shopping tag helps you do the rest.

Use all available channels

You know that there is no shopping tag only on organic posts, right? You have the possibility to sell on Instagram also thanks to the stories. This channel exploits the narrative, momentary element. Each post is a fragment of a storytelling based on images, text and video that remains online 24 hours.

And then vanish, unless you decide to highlight it. Unlike the basic post on Instagram, stories can become a sales tool thanks to stickers. Namely the stickers that populate the creative dynamics of this channel. To apply this combination just select the element.

Selling on Instagram and with stories

If a user taps the product sticker they are taken to the page they cross when they select a post in the feed. From here you can see everything you have entered on the card: other product images, details and similar items. But also a link to the company’s website to make the purchase.

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