Here are some of the Features that make AOL Mail Different from Others

As a leading global provider of products and services as well as a content distribution platform, AOL is now commonly known as AOL. Earlier, AOL was known as an organization that provided dial-up services. AOL has been in the market for over 38 years. However, dial-up services and AOL login  services declined over time as the intensive passage of time progressed. The company took various steps in order to remain competitive in the market, which can ultimately be considered as a positive result.

It was estimated that Verizon Communications acquired AOL for $4.4 billion at a time. AOL mail is AOL’s attempt to offer web-based email services to consumers. Adding this service to an already existing list of email service providers who have been in neck-to-neck competition for so many decades will no doubt cause a stir among some users. Recently, AOL mail added a new feature that allows better establishing. It introduced a refreshing look to the AOL email login services with AIM or AOL Instant Messenger in 2012.

The Features Include

The main goal of AOL mail was to distinguish itself from the other email service providers by providing some distinct attributes to its services. The following features are included in AOL mail, as well as some new ones:

If you want to enjoy all the best features provided by AOL then you need to first perform the AOL login procedure.
  • Storage space for emails is unlimited
  • Email attachments are limited to 25 MB
  • The account expires after 90 days of inactivity if it is not used
  • Mail delivered by AOL was compatible with POP3, SMTP, and IMAP protocols
  • If you are logged in to AOL, you can link another Email account through another service provider .
  • As you work with the account, advertisements will be displayed. Users can also enable or disable embedded links.
  • Spam protection enhancements
  • Protection against viruses improved
  • Spelling checker with extensive knowledge
  • The AIM panel displays details about online friends as well as links to various sponsored websites
  • It’s possible to unsend emails sent to different AIM or AOL mail accounts.
  • After logging in, HTTPS/SSL is supported

The newly introduced features of AOL mail contributed to AOL’s popularity among email customers by providing a more appealing look. In addition to providing an alarm bell to other service providers, these enhancements also caused their clients to switch between email service providers if their up-gradation plans were not considered.

The current market scenario, AOL and AOL Mail services are virtually nonexistent. In part, this has been caused by the repression by a number of newly founded organizations, which have proved fatal to AOL as a whole. In spite of the fact that the downfall of AOL can be traced to the year 2001. At that time when it was acquired by Times Warner. It failed horribly in its attempt to combine, which then became one giant step towards a great fall. In addition to AOL and AOL Mail, this company has seen a lot of ups and downs which are one of the main reasons for concern.

Final Words

Accordingly, if we evaluate AOL mail as an email service provider, it is likely that most of us would prefer using others over it since they are more familiar. But instead of all the love with the AOL email is still on the top. AOL is one of the old services upon which people can blindly trust. The services it provides to the users are completely real and genuine.

By reading this complete blog you will understand why AOL mail is different and trustworthy. It is easier and simpler to use as all you need to do is simply log in using your email id and password. After doing so you can access all the features provided by the mail service. Because of all this, it is the most favorite mail service used in the United States and Canada.

In some cases, users are not able to use these features as they have issues with performing the AOL sign-in process, in that case, you need to connect with the best customer team, which can guide the user as well as assist in all the possible ways to resolve them. You can get connected with the Get Email Services for any help.

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