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For the last decade and more, eCommerce is overtaking the marketing business across the world. Choosing any day, any month, any season, any year, online is all the rage these days. As eCommerce sellers, you must remember that customers fall for an alluring and perfect online shopping catalog. Hence, eCommerce product data entry in the catalog is the most time-consuming, difficult, and yet important task. 

The process of entering and managing product entry involves a lot of brainwork. From researching the product details, rectifying their images, and configuring them into the catalog, one should be familiar with all. There is no doubt that a manufacturer or seller would know about the product at the best but, not being an eCommerce expert, they may not know about the approach to target maximum reach and portray the product at its best. That is why sellers count on and hire eCommerce data entry specialists.

When you sell your products on a multichannel marketplace, seeking experts for management is also the best choice. As experts are capable of overcoming complex challenges and providing efficient services to the seller which results in maximum sales and improvement in brand value. In this blog, we will enlighten you with some of the obvious reasons to outsource multichannel marketplace management services and how to find the best expert. 

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Table of contents 

  1. Why is maintaining accuracy across product data important? 
  2. What type of services can eCommerce Virtual Assistant provide? 
  3. Can you manage without eCommerce product data entry specialists? 
  4. How to hire an eCommerce virtual assistant?
  5. Advantages of outsourcing eCommerce data entry services

Go through the detailed explanation of each of the aforementioned sections one by one and learn more about eCommerce multichannel management services. 


Why is maintaining accuracy across product data important? 

The eCommerce industry is emerging and allowing sellers all across the world to generate astounding growth in their business. This has been possible due to accurate product data maintenance across the channels. Let us introduce the importance of accurate product data in eCommerce.  


1. It helps in the right decision making

If you maintain accurate product details across your eCommerce store, only the right consumers will land on your store and will be able to make the right decision of purchasing your product. 


2. Customer experiences get better 

With no incorrect product details in the catalog, no customers will get misguided and have complaints against you. Correct product data, smooth order processing, and more makes their experience unforgettable. When the customers find their desired products in your catalog under the right category, they are more likely to stay and buy products from you only.  


3. The productivity of your business increases 

If you post incorrect product details in the eCommerce store, you can lose profits, lost business, and even lawsuits as well. Your eCommerce business can be managed easier if the data input is done correctly. There’s no need to waste time looking for and correcting data problems. It enables you to save money that would otherwise be wasted on inefficient decisions. This will also allow your workplace to focus on other critical business duties.


What type of services can Virtual Assistant provide? 

A virtual assistant is a key ingredient to your online retail business whether you are just building an eCommerce store or already running one. You can outsource a hundred tasks to them at a very affordable cost and get all your time-consuming tasks done remotely. Below are some of the important Amazon-related tasks they can efficiently do on your behalf. 

1. Creating your eCommerce product data feed 

The Virtual Assistants can create your product feed and add all product details such as product titles, brand/ manufacturer names, characteristics, price, description, shipping information, and so on with ease. Experts are well aware of rules and regulations set by multiple eCommerce platforms and hence, can perform product data entry accordingly. 


2. Managing the existing product data in the feed 

If you have uploaded product data on your own and think your catalog needs improvement, don’t worry! eCommerce product data entry specialists help you to edit the existing product data and maintain the standards of the product value.


3. Uploading product data in bulk 

When you have a thousand products to sell under multiple product categories and sub-categories, you need someone to upload products in bulk. eCommerce data entry experts will use MS Excel and extract every product detail and enter it into the catalog. 


4. Writing product descriptions for multiple eCommerce platforms

eCommerce experts are also content/ copywriters who can create informative and compelling descriptions about your products. Every eCommerce channel has set different limits and regulations for descriptions, and experts will write the details as per the guidelines. Product descriptions will also include high-volume keywords from the customers’ perspective so that product ranks higher. 


5. Providing assistance in order processing

eCommerce multichannel marketplace management services come with a lot of advantages, one of them is you get what you are not even asked for. Data entry experts will also provide assistance in keeping track of all the orders, the shipment status, and support in informing the right status of the deliveries. 

If you think you can perform the aforementioned tasks on yourself with the assistance of eCommerce experts, then let us take you through the challenges you may face with the specialists. 

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What challenges can you face without an eCommerce product data specialist? 

Maintaining accurate product data all across your eCommerce store is an important thing to do. With many online retail sellers, data inaccuracy has always been a real problem to overcome. If you think you can handle it on your own, make sure you can overcome the following challenges as well. 


1. Limited access to technology

As sellers and not listing professionals, you will run out of advanced technologies that experts use to perform product data entry in bulk. In that case, you will have to buy subscriptions of several tools or buy them permanently. Without the advanced tools, you may end up entering outdated and inaccurate product data. This will also result in no traffic on your eCommerce store and therefore no sales.  


2. Wrong product launches 

Whether launching a product in the offseason or launching it in its season but inaccurately, both practices can lead your business to heavy loss. Launching a product when it’s not time yet or launching it with incorrect product details, you lose your potential customer right there. Hence, outsourcing your requirements to an expert is always a wise idea. As, they include clear and relevant product images, compelling and informative specifications, and everything that makes your product more catchy and enough worthy of buying. If you hire eCommerce data entry specialists, they will help your potential customers to feel the products virtually. 


3. No competitive analysis 

Without analyzing competitors’ product listings, it will be difficult for you to survive the competition in the marketplace. Performing competitor analysis helps you find out what keywords they are using in the product description or their approach of targeting the audience. 

You may get surprised to know while performing product data entry you may face the aforementioned challenges and by not being able to solve them, your hard-earned money may get lost. So, made up your mind to hire an eCommerce data entry specialist? Well, let us take you through the different ways to find the most suitable Virtual Assistant for you.  


How to hire an eCommerce virtual assistant? 

When there was less competition in the eCommerce marketplace, it was not that difficult to manage the eCommerce store and make money out of it. With ten thousand sellers selling the same products, it becomes difficult for you to list the products and their details efficiently. That is why an eCommerce Data entry specialist is required. Let’s discuss the possible ways to get assistance in eCommerce store management.


1. Hire Freelance eCommerce Virtual Assistants

Search for eCommerce Virtual Assistants from networking platforms or freelance marketplaces. You can publish the kind of work you want to outsource with detailed requirements on the freelance channel. Qualified VAs will reach you and then you can discuss the further important things. Freelance Virtual Assistants are also very talented and are capable of providing eCommerce PPC and marketing services for the multichannel marketplace. They might charge you on an hourly basis, monthly basis, or project basis.   


2. Outsource eCommerce data entry services to agency

Look for outsourcing agencies that provide eCommerce data entry services and other eCommerce management services. Shortlist a few agencies by their working experiences, quality services, and brand name. Then, discuss your requirements with them and the agencies themselves will provide you with their best Virtual Assistants. When you outsource your requirements to a reputed agency, they take the complete responsibility to take care of your eCommerce store. 


1. Speed of their work 

Assemble all your requirements together and figure out when you want these to be delivered. When you give the experts enough time to work on your project, the Virtual Assistants might charge you less fee and even provide better quality services. 


2. Client testimonials 

Whether you are looking for a freelance eCommerce data entry specialist or an agency to provide you with the same, don’t forget to check the client testimonials or reviews. You can check the reviews on LinkedIn or whatever freelance marketplace you are using. Trust the genuine feedback and decide whether you want to eCommerce multichannel marketplace management services to them or not. 


3. Types of multichannel marketplace management services

Always look for the experts who can handle the product data entry and its PPC marketing services for different types of eCommerce marketplaces. These days, selling products on a single marketplace won’t benefit you much. 


4. Experience of the VA or multichannel marketplace management service provider

Uploading product data in bulk, keeping them up to date, and managing the eCommerce marketplace entirely requires a lot of technical knowledge and experience as well. Make sure the agency you will partner with has at least more than a decade of managing multiple eCommerce stores on different channels. So that you know that you are handing over your eCommerce store to the right person. 


5. Communication during the project is in progress 

A lot of times, experts don’t like to get interfered with while they are still working on your projects. In such cases, you should make things clear before hiring them. If you keep a smooth flow of communication with the experts will prevent misinterpretation and hence, quality service.

Imagine all your time-consuming and difficult tasks such as product data entry, creating, and updating catalog has been done smoothly while you can concentrate on your other high-priority tasks. Let us take you through some of the other benefits. 


Advantages of outsourcing eCommerce data entry services

You will undoubtedly get numerous advantages by outsourcing eCommerce data entry services to a reliable and experienced agency. eCommerce multichannel platforms have indeed given the best opportunity to the sellers to build their brand name and achieve maximum revenue. Moreover, eCommerce multichannel management service providers are helping those sellers to flourish and achieve whatever they want. 


1. Clear and compelling catalog 

With so many items available, you must have a unique description, good photographs, and correct categorization of each product, which can be a problem over time. You will be able to focus on your core business goals by outsourcing eCommerce data entry or catalog management services to the appropriate partner, as they have talented teams that are professionals in establishing, managing, and routinely updating online product databases.


2. Order processing will get more efficient 

Creating a product catalog and managing it is one side of the coin and another important part of eCommerce is order processing. When you hire professionals for eCommerce marketplace management services, the order processing automatically gets smooth. Quick and smooth order processing will retain your customers forever. The eCommerce Virtual Assistants will also help you with order processing, preparing invoices, and the order for dispatch. 


3. Your overhead costs will be reduced

By outsourcing e-Commerce data entry services to a professional partner, you save money on salaries, benefits, equipment, and other expenses that would otherwise be incurred by an in-house workforce. You can reinvest costs in other vital operations to make your company more powerful.


4. Better SEO strategies 

You have your e-commerce site up and running after a lot of hard work. You’ve done all possible to ensure that your online business appears flawless – but there’s one minor snag.



After the much detailed guide, we hope you have acknowledged the importance of maintaining accuracy across product data in the eCommerce channel. If you are looking for eCommerce virtual assistance and seeking some help? Let us know in the comments and our representatives will help you with the best suitable solution to your problem.

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