How to use technology to effective time management?

Managing your time is one of the biggest challenges you will face in your day-to-day life. As a self-employed entrepreneur, you have to wear many hats and juggle different tasks. Planning of whole days is also done by using these tools. It would be best to use these technology’s coupons, which is the best choice. Technology can be a helpful tool for remembering appointments and tasks. The following tools help make concentration on your work.

Various ways for using technology in the effective time management

You can adopt the following methods for the utilization of technology.


The Google Calendar:

Google Calendar is one of the free online calendar services that allows users to create and share calendars and manage their schedules. Multiple designs calendars are also prepared for yourself, your company, or other purposes. You can also share calendars with your loved ones, including those who do not have a Google account. 

Users can import and export data in iCalendar (.ics) format.  On May 27, 2010, Google Calendar was announced at the Google I/O conference for their android version. It became available on the Android Market on September 22, 2010. 

The use of Toggle application

Time tracking software- the toggle which performs its tasks by a Chrome extension and a desktop application. Toggle is used for either personal or business use. The Toggl extension is for Chrome, and it works with Google Chrome to track time spent on tasks. Manually, you can track your time with the help of the desktop application. 

Rescue time

Rescue Time is a software that gives notifications such as tracking time about the use of applications and the time consumed to complete the task. The software program is free to use, but the user needs to create an account with an email address to use it. It is an application that helps its customers manage their time by tracking the time of each program and its website. Users can set a daily timer to track their time,

Pomodoro Technique

Pomodoro Technique is a time management technique that breaks work into intervals, traditionally 25 minutes in length, separated by short breaks. In 1980, Francesco Cirillo developed this method. Focus Booster is designed to help you get more done. To accomplish your task, you need a focused Booster with features of a Pomodoro timer and a simple task list to track your need. 

Email Auto-Responders

Email auto-responders are a great way to keep your customers happy and engaged with your company. You can set up an auto-reply to send a message to your customers when they enter your store or make a purchase. It is a great way to thank you for their visit and remind them that you are always here if they need help with anything.

 It is a way to send a pre-written message to people who email you automatically. They are often used to let people know that you’re out of the office and can’t take any emails, but they can also be used to send a message about your company and what you do.


Time-tracking is a way to track how much time you spend on different projects during the day. It also helps you determine how much time you are consuming on each working project and can help you plan your day. Time-tracking is to make more efficient use of time by analyzing how time is spent. Tracking time is quite essential for your practical task.

Allows you to see how much time you spend on each task, which can help you identify areas for improvement. 

Use tools for tracking your habit-Habitica

Habit-tracking apps are a great way to keep track of your daily habits. They are also a great way to keep track of your progress in meeting your goals. One great app is Habitica. It is a free app that uses the concept of gamification to motivate you to meet your goals. It does this by assigning you quests, tasks you have to complete to level up. You can also give quests to other players in the game. It is a great way to stay motivated and get things done!

Note-taking app (with templates)

Note-taking apps are a great way to take notes on your phone. They allow you to save your messages in the app and then sync them to other devices. Evernote is one the best note-taking app. You can use it to save images, audio, and text notes. You can also use it to create templates for different types of notes.

Final thoughts:

These are a few tools that will help you manage your schedule, monitor your time, and manage multiple tasks. These tools will help become more productive and get more done within the same period when used correctly. The use of technology’s promo code is also beneficial and prevailing nowadays. By using these tools, you can manage the time of your technology more effectively.

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