Freestyle BMX Bikes Vs. Race BMX Bikes- Which One Should You Choose?

Freestyle BMX Bikes Vs. Race BMX Bikes- Which One Should You Choose?

BMX is one of the most popular bike categories in the biking world, also known as Bicycle Motocross. BMX bikes are off-road and racing bicycles usually used for racing and stunt riding activities. Its features include a small and lightweight frame, smaller wheelbases, smaller length frames, and height. The freestyle BMX bikes help riders ride in rough and rugged off-road terrain. The BMX bikes are powerful, durable, and they will be a great option for beginners to learn and practice stunts and jumps.

If you are curious to know where you can use a BMX bike, you can ride in countryside routes, skate parks, dirt roads, vertical ramps, roads, and flat terrain. BMX bikes can be easily identifiable due to their smaller frames & wheelbase. BMX Bikes are also available in a wide range of models, suited for various activities. All these models of BMX are slightly distinct and have been designed for a specific BMX event or form of riding.

Today in this article, we will discuss the difference between Freestyle BMX bikes and Race BMX bikes. Read on to know further.

Things To Know About BMX Freestyle Bikes

This category consists of stunt bikes used mostly for performing stunts and other tricks connected to BMX bikes. These are bikes that can be used to jump off the fences or perform any other stunts you’ve seen other bicyclists do.

They feature durable frames that allow them to endure the high falls, heavy accidents. The excellent build also goes a long way in strengthening your confidence. Faith in the bicycle to keep you safe as you need it for airborne maneuvers and flips.

Freestyle BMX Bikes are ideal for all ages, from adults to youngsters, to perform and practice critical stunts such as Superman, 360°, tabletop wheelies, and bunny hops.

The freestyle BMX bikes come equipped with robust and durable frames that are made steel, so it’s very trustworthy for performing stunts and competitions. The higher-end models of BMX bikes are commonly made with Chromoly steel, and Chromoly frames tend to be a bit heavier and more inexpensive.  

Things To Know About BMX Racing Bikes

BMX racing bikes are specially design for racing events. They can quickly achieve high speeds, making them a favorite racing bike for all racers out there.

The reason these bikes feel much lighter than the freestyle BMX bikes implies that they won’t feel good if you try to execute flips and trick riding with them.

BMX Race bikes are often used on racing tracks and include front and rear brakes for better handling during high speeds. These bikes are lighter than freestyle bikes and include a big front sprocket that allows the riders to ride fast and is generally manufactured from aluminum. Although aluminum is also a robust material, it helps make bikes well designed for optimum durability and a lightweight feel that allows them to travel as fast as possible in the shortest record time of racing events.

From frame materials, to quality of parts, here is a break down of the majors.

Frame material

Hi-tensile and chromoly are the two that you will find in freestyle frames. Hi tensile is great for cheaper bikes, but is much heavier than chromoly and not as strong. Chromoly is strong and light but comes with a higher price tag. You can also find bmx frames that will give you a mix of booth (often referred to as trimoly) allowing for a great combination of strength, weight savings and affordability.

Sealed vs unsealed

This refers to the bearings used on the wheels and the bmx frame at the crank set and head-tube (or steering). Sealed bearings are the way to go when it comes to heavier or more aggressive riders. The seals on the bearings keep the bearings running smother and will not develop ‘play’ through regular wear. Tear as fast as a non sealed bearing. Unsealed bearings are great for affordability and serviceability, but do not run as smooth or fast as sealed. Unsealed are great for beginner, lighter or non aggressive riders on a budget.


Double wall vs single wall, is as simple as it sounds. Double walled rims have a second wall running through the entire rim on the inside. This makes it much stronger but also adds weight. Single wall rims are great again for lighter weight riders or non aggressive riders; lighter weight but less strength.

Crank length

Until recently crank length had never been something to consider buying a complete BMX. Because almost all complete BMX bikes came with the same crank length. Now riders that prefer more technical tricks tend to prefer smaller crank arms. Shorter cranks arms allow the bike to spin easier and make it easier to find the pedals when removing your feet for certain tricks like tail-whips. Longer cranks give you more leverage to accelerate quicker and are more stable when “airing”. These are concerns for intermediate to more advanced riders and should not be too big of a concern for beginners.


Finally, if you are looking for the bike category for performing stunts and jumps, buying freestyle BMX bikes will be the best option for you. The freestyle BMX bikes are mostly heavier and durable, performing jumps and stunts with these types of bikes can be an unmatchable experience.

However, if you want a Bicycle for riding at high speeds, “Racing BMX bikes” are the best bike category for racing. These bikes are usually lighter and longer, so they are design for speed, ideal for racers.

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