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Cricket is a special kind of sport that is gaining more and more popularity in recent times. That is why PariMatch, a leading betting office with a world name and a proven reputation, offers its customers to bet on cricket with the most favorable conditions. To do this, you only need to go to the link and choose which match and betting option will bring to you a success.

The history of cricket

Cricket is considered a truly English sport, the first mentions of which date back to the 14th century. Over the years, it spread to other continents and was loved by many peoples. The main attributes of the game of cricket are a leather ball and a flattened bat in the form of a spade.

Cricket is a team sport. There are 11 players in the team, including bowlers, batsmen, wicket keepers and others. A bowler is a player who serves the ball. He needs to throw the ball in such a way that the batsman, that is, the athlete with the bat in his hands, cannot hit it. To earn points for his team, the batsman must hit the ball as far as possible. Wicket keepers are a kind of goalkeepers in the game. Their goal is to protect their team’s goal and prevent the ball from entering them.

As soon as the ball is hit by the batsman, active actions of the players of both teams take place on the field. The serving team (it is on the field with a full team) runs for the ball, and two players of the defending team run along special paths to the goal, thereby gaining as many points as possible for their team. The more gates they manage to “capture”, the better the result will be.

Two judges monitor what is happening on the field. They make decisions about the game and enforce the rules.

In addition to the classic versions of the game, there are modern types, such as Twenty20, for example. The rules of the game remain the same here. The only difference is the duration of the match. Unlike the usual time format in Twenty20 cricket, the duration of the game is determined by the number of innings.

Types of bets on cricket

Gamblers are offered several types of bets on the CPL:

  • Prediction of the winner of the game. If you are sure that your favorite team will win, then this bet is for you. This is a fairly popular type of betting that does not require deep analysis and statistical research.
  • One Series Winner Prediction. Here you can favor your favorite team and predict its victory in one of the championship series.
  • Bet on the best player (batsman or bowler). If you have your favorite player, then this bet is for you. Bet money on the name of your favorite and who knows, maybe at the end of the series it is he and his overall result that will bring you a good profit.
  • Bets on inning runs;
  • Totals. 

PariMatch offers not only the best odds and favorable conditions, but also a wide selection of bets. Clients of the portal can also place bets pre-match, or directly during the game itself in live mode.

How to make a bet with PariMatch

In order to place bets for real money, you must be an officially registered client of the PariMatch office. It is available to anyone who has reached the legal age for betting, because gambling is only allowed to adults.

The registration process will take only a few minutes. The client needs to provide the minimum required personal information and make a deposit. After that, the player gets access to his personal account from where the betting activity will be carried out. In the corresponding section of the menu, select the required sport, the match you are interested in and decide on a bet on your favorite. The size of the bet will be automatically debited from the game account, and in case of correct prediction, the funds will be returned with good dividends.

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