Bring Investors To Potential Projects With IDO Launchpad Like Trustpad Clone

Looking for an opportunity to jump inside the crypto world? Deploy an IDO launchpad like trustpad to support promising IDOs.

Early investment in a project is always beneficial for both the project holders as well as the investors. But it is important for the investors to select the right project. The project developers should also reach potential investors. Initial Dex Offering is one way to raise funds for the projects. In IDO, the liquidity exchange platform directly lists down the token of a crypto project. This brings in immediate liquidity to the tokens. This is the best fundraising model compared to the previous models like ICO, IEO, and others.

What is an IDO Launchpad?

An IDO Launchpad is a platform that would list down potential crypto projects for investors to invest in. The launchpad will also have

  • a detailed project vision,
  • a road map of the project, and
  • other details for the investor’s knowledge. 

Once the IDO is live, they can purchase the tokens directly. This will increase the liquidity of the token. The IDO Launchpad lists down only verified projects. This allows the investors to fund the projects without any fear. 

Trustpad- IDO Launchpad

Trustpad is a permissionless, multichain fundraising platform. It is not based on any centralized exchange. The project holders directly approach the Trustpad with all their basics of the project, fundamental documentation, technical documents, and whitepaper. The IDO Launchpad will run a series of security tests to validate the legitimacy of the project before listing it on the platform. 

It is possible to launch a similar launchpad with complete customization options. Here is a detailed working of the DEX Fundraising Platform Like TrustPad.

Working of Trustpad clone

  1. The project holder must sign up on the platform. He must give in some basic details of the project. The most important detail will be the link for the project website.
  2. It also includes the status of the project, the road map of the project, and the whitepaper
  3. The platform will go through the details given to check the legality and credibility of the project. 
  4. After the legitimacy tests, it is listed on the platform along with the date when the crowdfunding process will start.
  5. A few days before the process, investors can request to join in the crowdfunding process.
  6. To participate, the investors should also buy the native token of the project. This will increase the liquidity of the native tokens.
  7. After this, the process of whitelisting will take place. It is nothing but selecting the investors with a certain amount of native tokens to participate in the crowdfunding.
  8. After the launch of crowdfunding, the investors who are whitelisted can take part in the crowdfunding by chipping into the project.
  9. After this, the investors will be rewarded with tokens regarding the project.

This is how a basic IDO Launchpad works. A Trustpad clone can also be customized and new features can be added according to the requirements

Features of fundraising platforms like Trustpad clone

There are many features that make a platform an Ideal IDO Launchpad like a Trustpad clone. The following are some common features of IDO Launchpad.

Multi-chain Compatibility

With the emergence of blockchain technology, the new crypto projects may depend on any blockchain. So it is important for a launchpad to support all major blockchain networks.

Liquidity pool Management

The launchpad must have an automated liquidity pool to facilitate instant trading. A Launchpad must be able to support different tokens.

Wallet Integration

The transactions should be easy for the investors. Integration of digital wallets in the DEX platform will help in easy transactions. There are many digital wallets out there like MetaMask, Trustwallet, MyEtherWallet, etc. It is important to have integration with major digital wallets.

Fixed swap

There should be a feature where the projects can sell their tokens for a fixed price until the first batch of the tokens is sold out completely. This increases the stability of the token and also induces the credibility of the project.

KYC and Verification

The platform should verify the investors as well as the project holders for security. It then gives them access to the launchpad. It is important for the investors to understand the potential of the project. So the projects are checked and verified in and out before listing them on the platform

Gas Fees

Different blockchain networks impose different gas fees on the IDOs. The Binance Smart Chain blockchain incurs a very less gas fee compared to other blockchains.

Wrap up

Apart from the special features, the Trustpad clone includes various high-end security features. This is to ensure secured transactions for the investors as well as the project owners. A Trustpad clone is a white-label solution for an IDO Launchpad. It has all the fundamental features of an IDO launchpad and it is also open to customization according to the need. 

If you are a young entrepreneur looking for an opportunity to jump into the blockchain world, this is the right time to launch your own IDO launchpad like the Trustpad clone.

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