Importance of Marketing for the Development of Business

The modern era is full of millions and billions of small and short businesses. The competition is tough, and every business holder wants to be at the top. Entrepreneurs are also participating in this race and making huge benefits from the business world. 

Here comes the need for smart plans and strong marketing strategies for business development. Below is a detailed discussion about the scope, importance, and role of marketing in the present age.

The Role of Marketing in Business Development & Its Types

Business development requires effective marketing tactics (Gonchar et al., 2015). The growth of a business can never be imagined without a perfect marketing plan. Business owners need to convince their clients to choose them from hundreds of others options. 

A marketing expert knows how to promote a business. Here are some of the major marketing types and the role they play in the development of a business.

Digital Marketing


This is the age of digital business. Customers find it more feasible to shop online rather than following traditional ways of shopping (Sheth, 2020). So, digital techniques are now considered to be the most powerful marketing tool for business growth. Following are the most commonly used subdivisions of digital marketing.

  • Content Marketing

This is the most significant type of marketing. In content marketing, marketers play with their words to grab the audience. It involves:

  • Website Content

The content on a business website is an important part of marketing. It gives complete information to the customers about the brand or services. The main purpose of web content marketing is to spread awareness about a business (Baltes, 2015).

Website content includes the sales copy that introduces your services and offers to the customers. In copywriting, marketers write content that focuses on the customers’ needs. The purpose of this content is to attract customers and increase sales.

Further, website blogs and articles also come under web content and are used for content marketing. Writing blogs and articles relevant to the services a business offers shows the brand’s expertise in the domain and attracts customers (Jefferson et al., 2015).

Moreover, adding animation and infographics is also an effective marketing tool. It is used to support the written content and explain the business virtually. The colors and motion attract the customers more quickly as compared to the plain words.

  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)

SMM plays a great role in business development (Shafigullina et al., 2016). Another reason is that, at this age, almost everyone is using social media. So, when marketers use social media platforms for advertising their business, it reaches more audiences and builds customers.

  • Email Marketing

Email marketing is used to generate future leads. Marketers approach potential customers through email. In the marketing emails, they shortly introduce their business and outline their services and offers. Also, they tell the customers how their business can benefit others. It’s an indirect form of CTA (call to action).

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

SEM targets the audience using search engines. The two primary SEM tactics are as follows.

  • SEO: Search Engine Optimization

SEO is used to increase the website traffic and rank it higher on the search engines (Barbar and Ismail, 2019). Its plays a key role in the growth of a business. The reason is, the traffic of a website is directly proportional to the credibility of the business. 

  • PPC: Pay-Per-Click

You must have listen that ‘money attracts money. So, marketers invest money in PPC advertisement and benefit their businesses. PPC is just like a magnet to attract more customers. 

  • Influencer Marketing

This is also another one of the most common marketing strategies. Marketers ask influencers to promote their brands or services. Mostly the celebrities are hired to advertise and market a product. In this way, the markets successfully get the attention of the influencers’ fan base. That’s how they grow a business. 

Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing is one of those strategies that both big and small business owners use to market their brand and services. Furthermore, this type of marketing has been a common practice in the business world for centuries. Traditional marketing tools include:

  • Print Media

The promotions and advertisement of a business through newspapers, magazines, flyers, and press releases all come under print media (Todor, 2016). However, this has become an old and less effective marketing technique because very few people go through these mediums of information in this age of the internet and social media.

  • Pamphlets, Banners & Billboards

Pamphlets, banners, and billboards are also part of traditional marketing. Not only this but, all these tools have transformed into digital means. For example, the title of the website is now known as banners, and the social media posts work as pamphlets.

  • TV ads

Television ads are still one of the most famous and worthwhile marketing tactics (Todor, 2016). It counters customers’ needs and fears, gives them a call to action to make them buy the advertised brand or service.

Scope of Marketing as a Discipline

Marketing is one of the most popular and preferred subjects to study all over the world. It is a day to day increasing demand for marketing experts. 

Currently, about 146 universities in the UK are offering 873 degrees and courses for the marketing subject. The worldwide scope of marketing has added to the eligibility criteria and standards of the subject. 

Therefore, coping with the academic challenges in this discipline is a difficult task. That’s why many college and university students look for marketing essay help to match the standards, shine their academics and achieve their career goals. A degree in marketing holds hundreds of benefits.

The demand of Marketing Professionals

Marketing is much profitable as a profession. A person with a degree in marketing has hundreds of job opportunities in the UK. The recruiters offer competitive market salaries to the marketing managers, marketing specialists, and marketing strategists, etc. 

In addition to this, the average income of a marketing manager in the UK is 34,180/year. Further, marketing experts can work in the academic domain as HND assignment help providers to the national and international students. There is always a need for marketers with fresh ideas to build effective marketing strategies in the business sector.


As the result, the above-mentioned are all the essential details to know and understand the importance of marketing for business development. Furthermore, this post can help beginners in the marketing field generate new ideas and strategies to market a business and contribute to its growth.


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