Online Shopping Trend on the Rise in Pakistan

A country like Pakistan, where most customers prefer walking into the retail shop to buy anything, has seen a vigorous rise in the trend of online shopping in Pakistan. Mandatory lockdowns, safety measures, and COVID-19 fear have pushed many customers online for their shopping. Therefore, the Pakistan e-commerce industry has seen many small to big-scale e-businesses emergence in the last couple of years. This major digital transformation makes businessmen believe that the e-commerce industry will continue flourishing when the pandemic is over. The reason is that people have adopted online shopping mode as a new normal to purchase anything.

With the upward momentum in the e-commerce industry, people are now also considering Amazon shopping in Pakistan safe. Many e-stores like and come forward to make it simple for Pakistani customers to buy imported products from Amazon in Pakistan. These harmonizing services also empower Pakistani customers to enjoy imported goods, international brands, and quality products to improve their lifestyles. By seeing these e-stores’ success, many other startups have also commenced in the last few years to extend this marketplace for Pakistani buyers. However, quality services are the foremost thing that makes the customer trusts these pioneers of Amazon shopping in Pakistan.

Influential factors of the rise in online shopping in Pakistan:

Some factors that push customers to accept and adopt online shopping are as follows:

·        Variety of goods:

E-stores offer a more versatile range of products than a regular retail store because there is no limit to display stock on the website. From an ultimate e-shop, customers can find and buy staples goods, apparel, fashion, beauty products & skin care products, electronics, kitchen products, clothing, makeup, jewelry, and more. In addition, it is easier for a customer to explore the entire online marketplace for buying the right product at the best price. Thus, variety is the prime factor that motivates people to buy any good online with no hassle. It also makes customers accept shopping online as a new and reliable shopping mode.

·        Convenience in shopping:

Convenience denotes time and energy-saving procedures, which online shopping brings with every purchase. For conventional purchases, a customer requires leaving their home, roaming from shop to shop, and exploring the local market physically. These procedures are exhausting and time-consuming for buyers. However, shopping online omits the need to leave comfort for buying anything. Even if they want imported products from USA or UK, they can buy them by taking the service of authentic online stores. The round-the-clock services encourage people to shop for the required product at their convenience.

·        Customize shopping experience:

The best thing about online shopping is its personalized shopping experience. Previously people did not trust online purchases because they got scammed due to unreliable payment modes, wrong product specifications, poor packaging, etc. However, many e-stores have come with customized shopping services in which customers can select product specifications, packaging requirement, payment options, and home delivery as per the requirement. These services help customers to get the right product with full safety protocols. Especially multiple payment options make customers rely on online purchases with trust.

·        Ease of use:

Pakistani Customers are turning towards online stores after finding ease in online shopping in Pakistan. The e-commerce website factors and shopping applications make the service super easy for beginners. Visitors can effortlessly find the required brands or products by searching their name in a search bar and then going to call-to-action right away. From adding to cart to checkout, the entire procedure is simplest to bring convenience. In addition, responsive customer services help guide beginners to purchase the right products online with great ease.

·        Sufficient information:

Previously, the main reason for online scams and frauds is insufficient information and product detail. Thus, e-commerce websites put efforts in this regard to make this industry flourish with customers’ trust. Therefore, now customers can find sufficient product details and in-depth information that help them do online research before buying any product. Customers use products information to compare products quality, prices, and specifications. These help buyers make the right purchase with a negligible chance of fraud. Visitors can also ensure a reliable e-store by reading terms & conditions, refund policy, sale campaigns, merchandise detail, shop address, and more.

Future of e-commerce in Pakistan

As we said before, the e-commerce industry has flourished remarkably over past years, but most sales were from local buyers to local sellers. However, buying from international stores has climbed to 21% in previous years due to the expansion of the online marketplace. Our country has amazing potential to grow its e-commerce system. However, the lack of digital payment mode, illiteracy, and financial exclusion makes people restricted in buying directly from the international marketplace. In addition, Amazon and eBay are also not available in Pakistan, so they also pose a limitation on our e-commerce system.

However, some shopping websites have brought great gateway to present these international e-commerce giants in Pakistan. These Pakistani e-stores work as a third-party seller who brings the imported product from USA or UK at the customer’s request. These services improve the shopping experience for Pakistani buyers, and it is expected to flourish more. Nowadays, importing products requires a bit longer delivery time due to a complex shipping procedure. However, it is expected to reduce once the shipping procedure gets improved. Due to the global pandemic, shipping becomes a bit time-consuming, but it will improve a lot once it is over.

Our hopes in this industry are optimistic because of the recent boost in online shopping in Pakistan during a pandemic. So, it is high time to start your online business to contribute to this revolutionary trend. With advanced digital technology, your services can make people enjoy the digital shopping mode. Your small setup in this space will also help boost the overall economy.

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