10 Amazon Marketplace Management Tips

Amazon Marketplace Management

Amazon is indeed one of the best eCommerce platforms for users and sellers alike. Products listed on Amazon are highly preferred by many online buyers, and this provides you with a great opportunity as a seller. However, regardless of your product type – you should know that there’s going to be great competition out there among sellers. Marketing your products and stores is the best way to keep your Amazon business rocking.

While you can always consider outsourcing Amazon marketplace management services to experts, there are some strategies that can really help you market your store better. Managing different aspects of your Amazon store such as listing, SEO, inventory, and email marketing would really help. Let us have a look at a few marketing tips that promise real results, and can really take your store to the next level and boost your Amazon sales.

Update your Amazon catalog like never before

Catalog updation is a prerequisite of Amazon management. But doing it properly is necessary to succeed in a marketplace as competitive as Amazon. It is one of many professional Amazon listing optimization services and involves creating listings, setting the right categories, and managing the content. Amazon listings entail many details such as the product title, specifications, and categories.

Amazon provides its sellers with a great opportunity to create an attractive store that compels users to buy products. You can do a lot with content – not only text, but multimedia content as well. While you should work on the textual content by writing great titles, product descriptions, bullet points, and A+ content; you can also optimize images and videos. Opting for image editing services is a great option if you think your images are too raw, and including a product video is awesome.

Catalog updation also involves adding the right product categories. Amazon’s Browse Tree Guide gives you a great idea of all the product categories, and you must choose the perfect category for all your products. Remember, a well updated catalog goes a long way in attracting customers and increasing your sales.

Up your Amazon SEO game

Amazon SEO helps your customers reach your store directly. You can optimize your listings by using the most relevant keywords in your content. If done properly, Amazon SEO helps your customers find your products not only on Amazon, but top search engines such as Google as well. Keyword analysis helps you identify the best keywords for each product. You can use these keywords in your title as well as product description. Make sure that you don’t stuff the keywords, but surely use them where needed.

SEO is also a part of Amazon listing optimization services, as it involves simultaneous updation of the content. The best thing about Amazon SEO is that it is so effective that if it works out well, you won’t need to spend money on external marketing. For sellers that optimize their Amazon listings, the number of leads and sales they can generate are so strong that customers automatically reach their sellers without having to shout on the top of their voice to promote their products.

Create an Amazon dynamic pricing strategy

Price is a big factor that decides whether or not a customer wants to buy your product(s). Your product prices should be high enough to generate profits and help you reach your desired revenue, but low enough to attract customers too. Maintaining this fine balance can be a tough task. Besides, your pricing strategy should be dynamic – you should have frequent discounts depending on your customer’s demands. The shipping charges also matter, and most customers prefer free shipping from local Amazon sellers.

One of the most suitable Amazon marketplace management services to create a robust pricing strategy is competitor analysis. Competitor analysis helps you study the current prices, pricing history as well as discount trends of your customers. It also helps you study other aspects of your competitors – such as the range of their products, material used, marketing strategies, research spendings, and other areas of their work.

Perfect your Amazon inventory management

Inventory management is really important for Amazon sellers. The worst thing that can happen is running out of stock for a specific product, only to compel your buyers to buy from other sellers. Having detailed information about your inventory helps you order the stock in time, prevent delays and also not overstock your inventory unnecessarily.

You can avail Amazon virtual assistant services to optimize your inventory management. Besides, you can also install an automated inventory management software. Automated inventory management software such as Brightpearl, Sellbrite, and Forecastly help you keep track of your recent orders, product stock, account balance, order history, future orders, etc. Most inventory management softwares are also available as mobile applications.

Invest in online Amazon advertising

Online advertising is one of the more effective marketing strategies for Amazon sellers. You can advertise on Amazon with the help of sponsored product ads, sponsored brand ads as well as with the help of your own Amazon store. Advertising or promoting your store outside Amazon is also helpful sometimes. You can also use Google ads to promote your official website or YouTube videos.

PPC campaign management is one of the more helpful Amazon marketplace management services to put your Amazon store on the top. You can hire experts to create and manage PPC campaigns according to your budget, to reach interested buyers.

Leverage the power of social media

Social media is one of the most powerful tools to market your Amazon business. With mass social media websites and applications such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – reaching your customers is easy. Create engaging posts with images and videos that talk about your products, offers and discounts, and the latest trends.

You can hire virtual assistants to manage your social media as well. Other similar Amazon virtual assistant services include social media ad management and social media integration. Get more customers to talk about your products with the help of your social media handles and also reply to comments and messages whenever customers ask for any help.

Benefit from email marketing

Email marketing has many advantages, such as offering sellers the opportunity to express their messages in long form and giving buyers the opportunity to go through these messages at their own pace and comfort. You can use email marketing to target users who have visited your store, bought products from you, or subscribed to any of your mailing lists.

Email marketing can be used to send users promotional information, newsletters, any event information, etc, and also reaching out to buyers personally. You can also use professional email marketing tools such as Mailchimp, Hubspot, and Sending blue to manage bulk emails and deliver targeted messages at low costs. Such tools also provide you with analytics and metrics of the engagement with your emails.

Pay importance to Amazon customer management

In today’s digital age, customers make sure they report all their issues and grievances using various ways to communicate. Customers can express their thoughts about your products with the help of reviews, emails, phone calls, social media comments, and social media messages. It is important to manage all customer grievances, reviews, issues as well as positive responses professionally to send the appropriate response and make them know you are there for them.

Customer management is one of the more important Amazon marketplace management services. You must always hire professionals to manage customer queries and responses as customers can sometimes be aggressive and unreasonable. It is important to respond professionally under all circumstances.

Hire Amazon virtual assistants to fulfill your requirements

You can additionally hire virtual assistants to fulfill exactly those requirements you are unable to fulfill. Amazon virtual assistant services help sellers work on specific requirements with the help of experts. You can hire virtual assistants for a single service, multiple services or to handle your entire Amazon store. Besides, Amazon virtual assistants (VAs) also offer a lot of flexibility in the way they work.

VAs can be hired on an hourly, weekly as well as monthly basis. You can even hire offshore VAs to work in time slots that suit you the most. Hiring VAs is quite cost effective and provides sellers the opportunity to change their VA strategy with time. The return on investment is high and the quality of services offered is high as well.

Invest in your own website

As an Amazon seller, it is important to have your own website. It is not necessary to develop your own eCommerce website besides your Amazon store – although that is also an option. But the main purpose of your company website is providing your buyers with maximum information. About your company and to help them reach out to you.

You can also opt for website development as one of your Amazon virtual assistant services. Besides business information, your company should include your contact information, any certifications, blogs, and other free useful information to guide your sellers. You should also update your company information on Google My Business, online directories, and social media.


Amazon marketplace management is a hard nut to crack and only gets easier with time. With intense competition, you need to keep pushing to get the best results and you should take calculated risks. While consistency is the key, all your efforts should be professionally managed.

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