Boost Your Amazon Searchability and Sales

Browse Tree Guide: Boost Your Amazon Searchability and Sales

Amazon is one of the leading eCommerce websites (and apps) in the world, with tons of sellers selling millions of products online. Sellers look at Amazon as a great medium for showcasing their products to hundreds of millions of users. If sellers enter the information in the best way possible, there is a chance their products might even get highlighted as recommendations. 

The Browse Tree Guide helps Amazon Product Taxonomy and is a great resource to help sellers get their products indexed properly. Let us first have a look at the basic information required of sellers and how to use the Browse Tree Guide to ensure a high rate of searchability and sales. 

Basics to Uploading Products Details to Amazon

For this, all you need to do is to navigate to Inventory, and click on ‘Add products via upload’. You will find a CSV file which you have to download, fill and upload to Amazon Marketplace.

Read on to find how the Browse Tree Guide helps Amazon product taxonomy and helps users upload all the information correctly, and how to use it.

How The Browse Tree Guide Can Help 

With over 30,000 categories and sub-categories on Amazon, getting your product information right can be a daunting task. Thanks to the Browse Tree Guide, uploading information is easier.

The Browse Tree Guide is a dynamic file that contains all the guidelines used to assign categories to products. Product categories are structured in the form of a tree, with different sub-categories fixed to it. The information included in the Browse Tree Guide varies by geographical location also.

Just like a family tree tells you the roots of any of your extended family members, the browse tree helps you identify the nodes of a product class/type.

Where to find the Browser Tree Guide

The Browse Tree Guide is visible to all the registered sellers on Amazon. If you haven’t signed up already, you need to register on Seller Central. After logging into your Amazon Seller Central Account, navigate to the Inventory, first click on ‘Add Products via Upload’.

Scroll down to the bottom of ‘Add Products Via Upload’, and then next click on the link ‘Inventory Files’.

Under the Inventory Files, next click on the ‘Category Specific Inventory Files’ Link

The Inventory file templates and BTG page will look something like this: 

Scroll to the bottom of the page to find the ‘Release Package Versions’. You will get a list that looks like this: 

Initially, look for the particular product category and click on the link included in its respective BTG column to download its Browser Tree Guide. For example, if you want to sell clothes, after that click on the ‘Clothing & Accessories BTG’. 

The Browse Tree Guide (BTG) will be downloaded and can be viewed as an Excel Sheet. The first four columns of the sheet are the Node ID, Node Path, Query, and Refinement Link. The Excel file will look like this:

The Query column includes the exact keywords you need to enter the correct product category. Copy the text after the colon to get the specific keyword for the product of your choice.

Just paste the copied keyword text and paste it in the ‘Item Type Keyword’ column, as shown in the below image.

For best results, use the most detailed keyword specific to your product. You can search keywords easily using ‘Control + F’ (For Windows) or ‘Command + F (For Macbook) and entering keywords that will suit your product the most. 


Paste this in your inventory file template as shown below: 

Under the Refinement Links column, there’ll be a ‘See Available Refinements’ link. Click on it to see the variations.

Using the BTG Information in Title and Description

Most Important, for best results note down the keywords of products that are quite similar to your specific product. Amazon Products Taxonomy is all about listing similar products as recommendations.

Finally, this is the structure

Brand Name + Main keywords from BTG + Other Keywords + Color

Writing your title in this way ensures it is distinct and well optimized. First try to ensure the maximum character length of your product title is 200 characters.

In Conclusion

Overall, The Browse Tree Guide is a great resource to help users upload all their product information to their Amazon Seller Central account. You can find all the information you need to upload products and manage your Amazon Seller account. Data4Amazon offers Amazon Seller Central Management Services, Amazon Marketplace Management Services, and Amazon Catalog Setup Services to independent users as well as companies that require assistance managing their Amazon Seller account. 

Summing up, for more information, you can email us your requirements to [email protected].

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