Writing Amazon Product Descriptions That Sell

Amazon Product Descriptions

Are your Amazon product descriptions compelling enough to convince buyers to make a purchase? The secret to writing compelling product description is to adhere to a proven methodology that can help you to engage, convince, and sell.

A Product descriptions play a major role in informing potential customers about the key benefits, features and attributes of a product and compels them to make a purchase. Let’s explore the steps that should be followed to write compelling Amazon product descriptions.

Identify your potential customers:

Knowing your target audience is very crucial in order to write compelling product descriptions. What makes them like a product, what they are looking for in a product, what makes them click on the buy button, finding answers to these questions is really important because it will help you to understand the accurate tone of voice to be used while writing descriptions to prompt them to make a purchase. Amazon is one of the largest marketplace in the eCommerce world. So selling products on Amazon cannot be as easy as we think specially for product descriptions. Know where you are lacking to sell product. Understanding your target audience will help in transforming product centric descriptions into something that is more customer centric.


Prepare a list of product attributes, features and benefits before having Amazon product descriptions:

Your customers don’t only require the product details in product description but they expect a lot more from you just like we expect the same from shopkeepers. They want to know what the product has to offer them. How is the product going to be beneficial? What are the features that make it different from other products? So it is advised that prior to writing descriptions, prepare a list of all the features and specs, and then convert them into benefits. A feature is merely a fact whereas benefits explain the advantage of a particular feature.


Have a compelling tone of voice:

Engaging with customers is really crucial in compelling them to make a purchase. The tone of voice you use has the potential of differentiating your products from that of your customers. Tone of voice is significant in letting your customers know about your organizations culture. Amazon product descriptions can fill this gap and made your point clear infront of buyers. By which you can boost your sales and market your product easily.


Create a format that can be scanned:

To compel customers to make a purchase your customers will need to read your product descriptions. To make this possible it is imperative that you use easy to read and easy to scan formats for your product descriptions.

  • Subheadings to engage customers
  • Bullet points to highlight key points
  • large font size to enhance readability
  • Video and images to entice customers


Prepare a first draft for Amazon products:

Once you have a clear idea about your target audience and have prepared a list of content, writing a first draft won’t be that difficult. Go through the list you prepared about features and benefits, and position them in a reasonable way that you believe will be easy for your customers to follow. Make your draft comprehensive and compelling by highlighting all of the benefits of your product.


Edit your first draft for Amazon product listings:

Edit your first draft to make it more engaging, compelling and most importantly readable Amazon product descriptions.

  • Review all the benefits and features to make sure that you have included everything
  • Check whether the content has the desired engagement level
  • Enhance readability by shortening lengthy sentences
  • Use specific phrases instead of generic phrases


Optimize your content for search engines:

Try to include key phrases in your subheadings, headlines as well as body text. However, always make sure to write product descriptions for readers first and optimize for search engines after that.


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