Top 5 Project Management Software for 2022

About Project Management Software

If you are thinking about investing in a project management software because you have heard people talk about them endlessly, it would be a better idea to know about this software and what it can do for you beforehand. In this piece, we will tell you about the various project management software in the market today which you should definitely check out before you decide which software is right for you! 


A project management software is essentially there to help you manage any project or work related goal you have set. This software allows you to break down a bigger project into smaller tasks and then be able to measure your progress according to it. We will talk about various software; from software to Wrike. This will help you compare some of the top software in the market and the features within that software and then be able to determine whether or not this software would be right for you! 

Which Software you Should Consider 


Wrike Software

Wrike is the first software on our list because of several reasons. The reasons being some of the features in this software which make it spectacular. This software has a template feature which gives you the option of exploring various templates which are pre-made so that you merely have to populate the template with your project and not have to worry about creating a layout for a template from scratch! The software also has a tracking feature which helps you keep track of your progress in regards to the software. This feature helps you to know how well you are doing when it comes to being on time, meeting deadlines and more! 




After this, we have a very popular software named Trello which has been around for a while. This software is web based which means you can access it from anywhere in the world if you have an internet connection and login credentials for the software. This gives you the freedom of mobility when it comes to your work! The dashboard for Trello is also a very popular option in a lot of Trello reviews because of how easy to navigate this feature is. This feature allows you to easily change from one feature to another, gives you a drag and drop option and much more; everything which makes things simple! 

AHA Software

aha software

Next we want to tell you about Aha software which again has gained decent popularity over the years because of its spectacular features. The software has a great integration feature which allows you to integrate your calendar with your software so that you are able to get updates, reminders and more on your calendar itself. This helps you keep everything organized for yourself in one place which is helpful! The software also has a roadmap feature which allows you to visualize your work. This feature allows you and your team to have a visual roadmap for what the project should look like which makes it much easier to understand for everyone involved! Software

Monday Software

Next we have software. This software also has a number of features which are highly praised in reviews by users! The first feature in software we want to tell you about is the visualization feature which helps you to make a more visual demonstration of your project. This helps you get a better idea of what your project timeline should look like. Another feature we suggest you focus on in the demo is the collaboration feature. This software feature helps everyone in your team to be able to add one another in tasks, add feedback in comments and much more. This will really enable you to make things easier in terms of teamwork! The pricing is completely worth it because of the great features in this software! 


And finally after software, we have ProWorkflow which is another great software. This software has a number of things about it which make it an ideal choice. The software has a great mobile app for both iOS and Android devices! The other feature worth mentioning in this software is the notifications feature which helps you keep on top of your pending tasks and anything else you should be aware of. This feature allows you to be alerted about any comments you are mentioned in, any pending tasks, any due dates approaching and more. This helps keep everything on track for you! 

Which Software Should you Choose

Which Software You Should choose

Now that we have talked at length about so many great software from Wrike to software; you are probably a bit confused about which of these software to go for. We suggest that you initially make a list of all the features you would ideally like in your software and then check for those features in the software we have mentioned; shortlisting the options which give you access to all or most of your desired features. 


We also suggest that you read as many user reviews for the software. For example, reading reviews by long time users will give you a fair idea about the software and what users think of it which can help you make an informed decision about the software. 


We also suggest asking for a trial or a demo of a software before using it. We suggest you ask the vendor for one to see the software in action since this will help you make a decision after having seen the software firsthand! 

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