Why Should You Try Rodeo Software in 2022?

Why Should You Try Rodeo in 2022?

Rodeo software is a household name in the enterprise resource planning market. It has been designed with the intent to provide great solutions to complex project management problems. The tool is widely used by businesses for budgeting, reporting, time tracking, and planning operations.

It caters to enterprises that intend to reduce costs and improve efficiency and productivity. It lets users optimize their workflows by improving their planning and reporting processes. Moreover, it is purposely built to eliminate concerns related to administration.

What is the Purpose of Rodeo Software?

Rodeo software is geared towards improving the operations of small and medium-sized enterprises. It assists employers with administration processes and project planning. Managers can create and assign new projects, as well as track their progress in real time. Also, it helps employers formulate and measure key performance indicators (KPIs) in real time.

When it comes to budgeting, few products match the awesome capabilities of Rodeo. It allows convenient allocation of budget for different projects. The best part, you don’t need a separate interface to plan and assign budgets. The process can be completed on a unified interface – thanks to the brilliant design team of Rodeo software.

Rodeo also operates as a comprehensive communication tool. That means it offers tremendous benefits to companies and clients alike. Get budgets approved and share the final reports with your clients. Roll out tasks to your team members, generate invoices, and get productivity reports – all this and much more using a centralized dashboard.

Who Should Use Rodeo?

While big players like Oracle cater to tech giants, Rodeo is geared towards small and medium enterprises, as well as digital and creative agencies. The makers of Rodeo have successfully targeted the niche. Since the time it arrived on the market, Rodeo has created quite a loyal customer base for itself. From small businesses to creative agencies, everybody can’t seem to get enough of this all-in-one project management solution.

How Much Does It Cost?

Given its tremendous benefits and ease of use, Rodeo pricing may come as a surprise. That’s why, the utility comes in four different price plans, each with its own set of features. The starter pack costs $29.99* per month. This tier lets you create projects and manage budgets, track progress, create estimates and manage costs, generate invoices, and formulate reports.

The second pricing plan is called the Extra Project Manager. You can subscribe to the said plan for $14.99* a month. It has all the features of the starting price plan but is geared towards creative and digital agencies. The third tier is called the extra creative pack. It costs $8.99* per month and comes with a time tracking feature. Last, the planning and task management tier costs $4.99* per month.

What Are the Features of Rodeo Software?

The project management tool comes with a wide range of extraordinary features. Therefore, the utility is designed with the purpose to eliminate stress, save time, and achieve results. That said, these are the key features of Rodeo:


The primary function of Rodeo is budgeting. It offers one of the, if not the, most convenient ways to draft budgets for your projects. Consider this scenario. A client has asked you to create a viral campaign for one of their projects. You have already understood the guidelines. Now the client wants the budget estimates for the campaign.

Rather than, Simply insert the estimated values in the hours and costs tabs and you’ll be amazed by the results you see. Rodeo can make budgets like no other tool – and that too on the go. The best part, the budget is created without inaccuracies or discrepancies – two common concerns associated with manual work. Impress your clients with your ability to create budgets in an instant.


Another great feature of Rodeo comes in the form of estimation. Also, The tool comes with built-in features that allow it to perform calculations within seconds. What’s more, you can compare your estimated budget with the approved budget to see which one’s client-friendly. Before, In case the client is interested in dropping the budget, use Rodeo to show why that won’t be a wise decision on their part.


Planning is key to success. Allow Rodeo to take care of your pitches and plans. The utility allows you to transform your budget into a planning module. While Rodeo is doing all this, you notice how you are managing time efficiently. But who’s to thank for this efficient time management – the tool or the user?

Time Tracking

Rodeo is one of the top tools when it comes to time tracking. The time tracking feature is a hallmark of the utility that’s already proven to be extremely useful for small businesses and digital and creative agencies across the globe. You can start the time when you commence work on a task and stop it when the task gets completed.


Invoicing is easier now than it has ever been – thanks to the excellent invoicing feature of Rodeo. The tool lets you create invoices in a few simple steps. That means you won’t have to resort to old invoicing practices. Also, make a hard copy, PDF or UBL out of the invoice. Nothing’s going to stop you from managing your invoices in the most efficient way possible.


Generate reports anywhere anytime with the reporting feature of Rodeo. Therefore, All these features account for the reasons behind the solid Rodeo reviews. One of the many great things about the tool is that it keeps you posted throughout the project management journey. You get clear and concise reports on planning, productivity, and progress.


By the time we reach the end of the article, you must have made your mind about testing this great project management tool. You can test the tool by having a look at their demo. Once you understand its functions and capabilities, see how you can make the most out of its exciting features. Your business is bound to face issues. The key is to adopt tech tools that let you achieve success and growth – not just for tomorrow but for years to come.

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