Why 5G Mobile Phones are costlier than other smartphones

5G mobile phones is a buzzword in the tech industry nowadays. The term is used by most brands to aid sales and to garner attention. But, with the advent of every new technology, one needs to understand what it is.

So, What is 5G? How does it work? And, most importantly, is it the right time to buy 5G mobiles? Here we will provide insights into why investing in a 5G handset so early is not a prudent choice and why you should consider buying budget Oppo phones under 10000 INR in India.

What is 5G?

  • 5G, as suggested by the name, is the fifth generation of the mobile network. It is the latest global wireless standard, which replaces 4G. It enables a new kind of network of 5G mobiles that connects virtually every device at lightning-fast speeds averaging about 1Gbps.
  • The primary goal of 5G is to deliver higher multi-Gbps peak data speeds, reduced latency, better network reliability, massive network capacity, increased network availability in areas with poor connectivity, and blazing fast download speeds for higher performance.
  • There are three variants of 5G waves: 1. low-band, 2. mid-band, and 3. high-band or millimeter-wave type networks. Among these three, two are more common, the base low-band variant, more commonly known as sub-6 waves and, the high-band variant as mmWave.

The Low-band covers all parts of the country and delivers speeds the same as we get in 4G networks but with better latency and reliability. The uncommon mid-band is a much better band than the low-band but, it covers comparatively shorter areas and has a speed of about 100-200Mbps.

The last band of mmWave is a rarely available one that can deliver speeds up to 1Gbps or more. It comes with the fastest speed with only downside is that it covers shorter areas, particularly a few meters around the mmWave cellular tower.

5G devices are Expensive

  • High manufacturing cost of chipset

Smartphones that feature the 5G band are expensive. As the 5G modem is available as an added layer onto the Snapdragon 865 chipset, it’s costly to produce smartphones as the manufacturing cost of the chipset is high along with the 5G modem.

Now with Snapdragon 865, there is no 4G variant with the modem provided is 5G compatible. Although the 5G can be disabled for some markets, that does not reduce the manufacturing cost as the modem is still there, just disabled. While if we consider affordability in 5G mobiles, Oppo can offer decent phones under 15000 INR, take Oppo A53 for example.

Buy Oppo phones under 10000 INR instead of investing in 5G mobiles, just because they have 5G supported.

  • 5G is Battery Hungry

The 5G modem is a battery gobbler that eats up a lot of battery when enabled. The working of the 5G service relies upon repetitive signals switching between 4G and 5G; this back and forth switching between the bands to provide a stable connection drains a lot of battery.

It is better to buy 4G Oppo phones under 10000 INR, which is battery saving than the expensive 5G mobiles.

Downsides of buying 5G phones in India

  •  5G is still in Development

Many countries might have the 5G technology functional, and the companies are banking on the availability of 5G in the USA. But the users are still not getting good 5G services with the 5G signals only available in large cities.

Users also report that the 5G speeds are not as sound as the promised 1Gbps, and are far from this expected speed. Additionally, the coverage of mmWave 5G is uncertain.

Opt to buy feature-packed Oppo phones under 10000 INR like Oppo A33 rather than considering high-priced 5G mobiles.

  • 5G is not yet available in India

5G might be the word-of-mouth in towns as the United States has rolled out the technology for its users. Authority is yet to be auction the 5G spectrum in India, and the network providers need to implement the technology for its users. With the Indian Department of Telecommunications lagging in the auction of 5G, the smartphone brands have leaped ahead to launch their 5G compatible smartphones for affordable prices makes no sense to buy 5G mobiles for hefty amounts.

Instead, invest in feature-rich Oppo phones under 10000 INR. You can buy one for yourself from the Bajaj Finserv EMI store at zero down payment.

Should you Buy a costly 5G Phone?

If you are immediately interested in buying a smartphone, a 5G phone is not the best idea. It will take 2-3 years for proper rollout, and 5G mobiles with better chips will be available for cheaper by then.

In simpler words, it is great to consider buying a 5G phone. But do not upgrade to a highly-priced phone just for 5G because the Oppo phones under 10000 INR can be your go-to choice for budget 4G phones with the latest features. Get hold of your Bajaj Finserv EMI network card to now for your purchase and enjoy the benefits of no-cost EMI.

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