After Achieving massive success of Galaxy Watch Active 2 and Watch 3, Samsung has now spilled another gem from its treasure –with amazing features of SAMSUNG GALAXY WATCH 4.

SAMSUNG GALAXY WATCH 4 is the smartest of all smartwatches of 2021 with the sleek, ironic look and is classic in its now way, developed by Samsung Electronics.

This time Samsung has tried something very new and adventurous with jointly building the watch, keeping the old Tizen OS and new custom Wear OS in mind.

Yes! With the power of Wear OS, you can now get to experience the most out of your Samsung Galaxy Watch 4.

This new Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 has many exciting and crafty features that even the Apple watch series 6 and Fitbit Sense don’t offer.

Isn’t it really amazing?????? 

Now since we are talking about our mind shaking features of SAMSUNG GALAXY WATCH 4, Let us have a little closer view of it-


The models of Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 have come with Aluminium material with big classy rounded Digital Bezel, Super AMOLED which gives the user premium feel through its sleek look. Samsung has given the watch a Gorilla Glass DX+ protection as well as water resistance up to 50 meters.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is available in two sizes –

  • 40mm with display size of 1.2 along with 396 x 396-pixel resolution.
  • 44mm with display size of 1.4 along with 450 x 450-pixel resolution.

Also, the watch has two keys on right side – Home Key & Back Key with which user can operate all the functioning and working of smartwatch.


The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 offers a new BioActive sensor (BIA) for measuring body composition. [ Body Composition is nothing but the percentage of Fat, Muscle, and other body tissues that contributes to a person’s overall weight.]

It also keeps the track of ECG, blood pressure, SpO2, sleep tracking, heart rate, female health-tracking, stress monitoring, etc. just like its predecessor Samsung Galaxy Watch 3.

Samsung states that BIA sensor is more accurate than many other methods. It can analyse a measurement in 15seconds. It is like a boon for the fitness enthusiasts and athletes and also who are health conscious.

Its Crazyyy man!


The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 has about 100 sports modes to track various indoor and outdoor activities. It is been designed in such a way that it can even track sports like skiing, golfing, basketball, rowing, rugby, and whatnot. Name a workout, and it will track with a fitness application.

With your Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, you can control your personal gym tools.

It also has a GPS system (built-in) for accurate sports tracking. Samsung has added automatic workout detection in the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, so it will easily recognize when you’re doing physical activity or other work. It is really a team player!


This its not OK GOGGLE but Hi BIXBY!

Yes, Samsung releases an update supporting Google Assistant. Bixby is the official Samsung Assistant and is ready to serve in Samsung Galaxy Watch 4.

You can operate Bixby by saying “Hi Bixby” to launch a specific app, manage Samsung payments, turn on the flashlight, check the weather, set reminders, and more. You can even start your treadmill by asking help from Bixby. Well, Bixby is much more powerful than you think.

Do not Underestimate Bixby!



The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 has a very decent and long-lasting battery life depending upon one’s usage and network environment. It is 18 hours for heavy usage and 40 hours for usual usage i.e., a day and a half. If you use the features like GPS, music, etc., the battery drains faster. It takes up to two hours to charge fully.

Also, rated(minimum) capacity is 361mAh for Galaxy Watch4 44mm & 247mAh for Galaxy Watch4 40mm.


Like previous Galaxy Watch models, answering and rejecting calls from Galaxy Watch 4 is possible. It is pretty fit because it reduces the effort and saves time answering a call while in a meeting or driving or at a busy work schedule.

With hand gestures, you can answer calls in seconds. The user needs to do the necessary settings of gesture for answering and rejecting calls. How cool is that?


As like its predecessor, the Galaxy Watch 4 also supports the feature to capture screenshots. To take screenshots, press-hold the home & back button at the same time to capture. And it will get saved to your watch’s gallery application.


With Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, now the user has access to a wide collection of apps on the Google Play store, thanks to Wear OS by Google. Wear OS support allows the user to install popular apps such as Google Maps, Spotify, AccuWeather, Google Pay, and more.

Also, Samsung galaxy 4 has a music streaming and music storage feature.


Just like Apple Watches, Samsung has also introduced the Walkie Talkie feature on their Galaxy Watch 4. With this feature, two people having Galaxy Watch 4 can communicate with each other. It is like having an instant talk. But for this both the user needs to install Samsung’s official Walkie-talkie app and connect it to their smartphone.

Galaxy Watch 4 also has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and LTE connectivity.  It is an LTE connection that allows the user to make calls, send or receive a message without having a smartphone nearby.


Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is the best of all the smartwatches of 2021. It has all the amazing features that an adult, as well as the use of all age groups, can demand whether it is its look or accurate Stress monitoring system or its precise GPS system. It is perfect in all ways.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is like a blessing for all the people who are health conscious and do work out regularly.

If you are thinking of buying a smartwatch with all the latest and fastest features then Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 will be the right choice for you.

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