How to Use Your Python Skills to Earn Money?

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The tech world develops at a fast pace every day. Each day, we witness the invention and advancement of new technology, new gadgets, or a new app or software. With the demand for programming languages now more than ever, the demand for individuals proficient in Python has also skyrocketed. Students are trying to learn Python after passing out of school. The recent trend in the rise of Python homework help certainly proves that point. Having good knowledge of the Python programming language makes it easier for you to land a high-paying job.

Python as a Job: Career Opportunities

The world is driven by information technology today. So, the need for Python is unprecedented. It is the main backbone of the IT ecosystems of several big companies and new start-ups. Some of the big names in the tech and media industry like Netflix, Instagram, Spotify, and even Google use Python programming. But the biggest reason that makes Python so popular is that it helps in the automation of statistics and data science.
Python also runs based on an intuitive syntax. It is not very complex to learn since its syntax resembles English. There are hardly any complex terms that a programmer won’t understand. Since this language can help the programmers with many programming tasks, it becomes the perfect software to develop a prototype. One more advantage of Python is that it allows the user not to mess up the system’s maintainability.

A lot of programmers try to learn Python from online courses. But if you are still a student and are spring to learn Python, this is the right time to choose the subject. Do not worry about the complexity of the subject. Like you can get history homework help from online services, you can also hire term paper help if you get stuck with Python assignments. Do remember that choosing Python as your first programming language can reap excellent benefits for you in the future. Learning other programming languages is easier if you are well-versed with Python. This is why almost 22% of Python developers do not have prior experience in coding or minimal experience.
Since this is such an easy and helpful language to learn, there is a fair bit of competition in the job market for programmers. With more than 7 million programmers currently in the global job market, you need to rise above the rest if you want to earn good money. Like everything, there is no substitute for practicing if you want to be an expert in Python. Here we discuss some of the ways you can make money by learning Python –

Become a Developer

There is a myth that you cannot bag a developer profile in a company without any degree or certification. There are numerous start-ups and smaller players in the market who look for efficient individuals with good programming skills. They do not care about your certificates. Instead, they prefer relying on your practical knowledge. They will test your programming skills and knowledge during the interview, and you can become a developer with a decent pay scale if you crack the interviews.
So, if you are an aspiring developer, you also need to make a portfolio. That must contain the details of the projects and software you have made till now. This portfolio will help the potential recruiters to see your capabilities. You can even upload your codes on platforms like GitHub and GitLab. That will make your codes visible to a larger audience. Usually, the recruiters of many such start-ups keep scouting such sites for potential programmers for their company. So, uploading codes on such sites always boosts your chances of working for a company and increasing your income.

Many Python developers market themselves in unconventional ways like YouTube. They upload their coding tutorials on YouTube and even upload tutorial articles on their blogs. After seeing those, if they get selected by any company, they increase their chances of earning in two ways. Hundreds of Python developers earn thousands of dollars every year through these methods.

Become a Freelancer

Freelancing can be a good starting point if you want to earn your Python skills. Freelancing provides flexibility to individuals. Many people also prefer freelancing because they do not want to bind themselves with fixed work hours and fixed pay scales. Many programmers prefer to work as self-employed professionals.

The programmers are even encouraged to be freelancers because many options are available to help such individuals. For example, platforms like Freelancer, Fiverr, or Upwork are goldmines for freelancers to find work. You need to make a portfolio and showcase it on such portals. In addition, many start-up companies prefer to work with freelancers on a contractual basis.

That serves as a profitable decision for companies and freelancers. With no fixed employees under their payroll, they can save on office expenses and overhead expenses. Additionally, the freelancers also get a chunk of money as part of their contracts, and they can determine their charges according to the work pressure. They also do not remain answerable to anyone regarding their work timings. They can work anytime according to their convenience as long as they deliver the project within the deadlines.

With freelancing for different companies, you can also create a diverse portfolio. Not to mention, you get to do a lot of different kinds of projects, which helps you hone your coding skills. You also develop an excellent professional relationship with many clients over time. So, if you decide to become a full-time employee in the future, you can always go back to them for references.

Launch your start-up

If you are adventurous and can take risks, you can even launch your own start-up company. However, you must be fully aware and have the necessary knowledge about coding. If you feel that you can find a solution for any problem, then launching your own tech company can be the life-changing decision of your career. The tech start-ups have a net revenue of approx. $5.2 trillion in 2020 a year struck by the pandemic. This data alone shows the immense potential of the tech industry to garner revenues even during an economic slump.

However, if you are planning to start a business, you must also be doing an introspection to find out if you have the necessary business acumen to succeed. Running your own business is not only having coding skills. You also need to be a creative marketer and an able administrator. If you cannot manage the company, your venture will fall flat on the face even if you excel in coding skills.

Become a teacher

As we have already stated, many students learn Python from online sites. You can play your role as a teacher to these students. Help beginners to know about the basics of Python. Prepare Python courses and upload them on educational platforms like Academy, Coursers or Code Academy.

You can look for students through websites like Wyzant or Take Lessons. Then, you can register yourself as a teacher and start your virtual class sessions. The best part about being a programming language teacher is that while you are teaching the students, you also are brushing up your skills. That will help you to become a better professional. You can keep improving your knowledge while making money.

Start a Blog

Start writing codes and tips and tricks by creating a blog page. If you can write and promote your blog from an early age, you can build a nice audience. You can even monetize your blog through paid links and ad works.
Not only that, but many readers may like to hire you as a tutor. Blogs are also excellent mediums to showcase your portfolio and reach out to potential recruiters.

Summing Up:

Python is the most popular programming language among tech companies. That makes a huge job market for the numerous Python developers worldwide. So, it is advisable to learn Python and start creating a portfolio as early as possible. With time, you can reach out to potential recruiters and become a full-time developer for a company, or you can become a self-employed professional. Either way, there are numerous ways how learning Python can help you make good money.

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