Logo ‌Designs And ‌What‌ ‌Is‌ ‌The‌ ‌Color‌ ‌Psychology‌ ‌Behind‌ ‌It?‌

Colors have everything that you want in your logo design. It gives you design meanings. Making it more clearer and visible, professionals use some techniques, tips, and tools to make your logo memorable. If you don’t know about colors and their function, then you might get into trouble in your graphic designing career or even if you are willing to start your business. Every graphic designer needs to learn some of the basics of colors and their use. If you are a graphic designer, then a proper understanding of its tools becomes essential.


If you don’t have an artistic background, it will become difficult for you to understand how different colors work at different times. It highly affects your mind, influences thinking and stimulates body hormones. It also represents the cultural diversity that surrounds us at its glance.


There are a few primary colors that will help you to get a deep understanding of colors and how they touch people’s emotions in the first place.


1- Importance of red colors in logo design


Mostly red colors give us emotions. It connects you with energy, power, courage, and strategy. People use red colors to represent their brand’s values more prominently among customers. Several brands have their logo in red colors like KFC, Coca-Cola, Kellogg’s, Red Bull, Canon, and YouTube, etc.

You probably have noticed that people get attracted to red color more quickly than others. Red color must be your go-to color if you want to get more attention. It holds intense motions as fire and as warmth as love.



Mostly yellow depicts positive energies, hopefulness like sunshine, invoking feelings of happiness and merriness. Using the logo in a balanced way makes sense. Like if you use yellow color in little among, it will generate some negative emotions of isolation or low self-esteem but abusing it causes impatience. We mostly used yellow colors in the food, automotive, and auto parts industries like a shell, DHL, etc.



You probably have seen that many technology brands like Facebook, IBM, Pfizer, etc use the blue color. What is the purpose of using blue in their most famous logos? Because blue represents the sign of intelligence and gives professionalism in your work. It uses many technological, pharmaceutical, banking, and other professionals to attract people.


4- The color of nature-Green


The surest sign of love, the ever flourishing and natural colors, green. The colors of nature, fertility, and spring. It promotes peace, tranquility, and smoothness in mind. Undoubtedly, the green color gives us healing emotions too that are both emotionally and physically.

Most companies that have an agricultural business, power plants, solar stations, landscaping, or recycling use green colors as a sign of freshness and to create an eco-friendly environment. Many top brands have used green colors in their logos. You can easily create your green logo from any best logo design services .


5- What purpose do purple color hold for your business?


Have you ever seen a purple bouquet? Does it attract you? Purple is the combination of red and blue that makes it a perfect sacred color having optimistic qualities in it. Violet-type colors give a symbol of spirituality, luxury, and delicateness.

Incorporating purple colors in your logo designs displays the utmost glam out of your brand. Famous brands like Cadbury, Yahoo have purpose logos as they have some meaning behind them.


6- Learn all about black color


The most mysterious yet absent colors. But not actually. It gives you feelings of joy, sophistication, and strength. Most of the common and famous brands like Adidas, Gucci widely use it, and some more to attract the youth and to urge them to buy the company’s product. Thus prestigious colors contain an infinite box of emotions yet some people connect the color with negativity too.

So if you want to give your logo a color of mystery, power and strength then count it in!


7- The symbol of cleanliness and pure-White


Using white colors in your logo design will definitely give a sign of innocence, purity, and accomplishment. Just look at the Adobe and FedEx logos who have used white colors by perfect use of negative spacing. It gives proper visuals and makes your symbol more unique from others since simplicity has now become trendy with logo designs.


8- The fruitful colors-Orange


Orange is the most energetic color that displays feelings and emotions with a sweet and sour touch. It gives a symbol of joy and often represents agriculture, harvesting, and autumn. Many industries use orange colors because of their brightness. Children love to get attracted to food, drinks, and toys that have orange colors.


Summing up all!

Always keep in mind that colors psychology and perception are based on different cultures and traditions. So be careful while using colors in your logo or for your client’s designs. Hopefully, this guide will help you out in the best way possible!


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