What is the CCIE Exam Like? | Is the CCIE Worth It in 2022? | CCIE certification explained

The CCIE Certification is conducted in the English language. The duration of the exam is 2 hours. It consists of 75 Matching, Multiple choices (multiple responses) and multiple choice (single response). For more information, you can check out this site.

 It is designed to test the ability and skills for supporting all phases of the quality and test management process with CCIE ALM 12.x Software, including release definition, requirements specification, tests plans and execution, defects tracking and reporting. It validates the expertise Business Views and Business Process Models, Reports and Data Management, CCIE Sprinter, ALM Dashboard, CCIE ALM integrations and extensions. It needs to get the expertise in topics pertaining to CCIE ALM implementation, site and project customizations, user management, installation, configuration, basic knowledge of administrative and operational tasks. A Quality Assurance lead or other ALM user, Project Manager, Quality tester and Quality Assurance engineer are ideal candidate for this exam. It certifies for the management of quality information throughout the development cycle. The candidates must have skills in Monitor defects with CCIE ALM 12.x Software, Design and execution of tests
and Construction requirements.

Exam Topics

  1. Site and Project Customizations                        11%
  2. ALM Integrations and Extensions                       9%
  3. Dashboard, Reporting and Data Management   13%
  4. ALM Modules: Defects                                         12%
  5. ALM Modules: Testing                                           18%
  6. ALM Modules: Requirements                               13%
  7. ALM Modules: Management                                 9%
  8. ALM Concepts, architecture, and components 15%
  9. Identify and describe terms and concepts.
  10. Identify ALM components and describe their purpose
  11. Identify learning aids available in ALM.

How to pass the exam?

It is simple to access SPOTO for online assistance. Learn more about it in the details in the given lines.

  • It provides the complete background information on the topics.
  • It gives the answers to questions set in the student’s books, exercises and the curriculum.
  • Safety notes and instructions demonstration, activities and experiments, related to CCIE.
  • It helps them providing the worksheets for core experiments and assessment activities which notes, relevant material and solution of the exercises, on the expected results for experiments.
  • It gives them future learning sections with additional ideas for short activities. 
  • CCIE help limitsare required to develop a solid foundation of CCIE. Online learning helps with certain numbers of illustrations.
  • There is a live chat option which is helpful in getting the solution of the confusions. Algebra experts are always available, and allow you to chat about your unique needs and question of algebra anywhere any time.
  • The services and information will definitely be sufficient and there is no need to wander about other websites. It provides plenty of basic and primary or secondary useful information. That information is beneficial for the candidates.
  • It provides a high degree of customization in searching for the teachers who will provide themCCIE help limits. These remarkable teachers are right for their need, allow them to do practice free of cost, and it does not feel a burden on pocket. Affordability is another significant feature of this program.

You can discover more about CCIE here. All these tutorial options are doing a lot for the struggling candidates. It assists to relief by getting full understanding and attempting online practice tests.

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