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Which one is Worth Investing: EZDERM EMR or Liquid EHR?

Are you searching for software for your business? View this article to learn more. How does the design software help medical facilities stand out from the competition? First, let’s investigate EZDERM EMR Vs. Liquid EHR in greater detail.  

Learn more about EZDERM EMR  

EZDERM is A practice management (PM) and electronic medical records (EMR) software suite designed specifically for dermatology. The EZDERM Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Software solution helps healthcare professionals follow each patient’s problems from the beginning to the end and maintains a record of how diagnostic image results were received. Additionally, the health IT system’s iPad features make it simple for clinicians to take pictures, share them with their patients, and access data stored in the system. A patient portal is another aspect of the system that assists patients in making appointments and asking for prescription refills.  

It is a high-quality software program that can manage every aspect of your dermatology practice. In addition, every internet-connected device, including smartphones, iPads, tablets, MacBooks, and other Android devices, may access EZDERM thanks to its cloud-based capability.  

The PQRS activities of a physician can be automatically credited by EZDERM EMR Software, which also provides PQRS reporting with an unprecedented level of thoroughness. This aids provider in getting past difficult reporting obstacles. Medical can track the PQRS reporting status in real-time using the PQRS dashboard on EZDERM.  

Why should your clinic consider EZDERM EMR?  

The unique features offered by the EZDERM Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software system are created especially for dermatological practices. The 3D Body Maps function aids doctors in improving patient visit documentation. Visual documentation is possible from more than 3,000 anatomical locations. In addition, a progress note tool included in the EZDERM EMR software enables clinicians to track the development of their patients by taking detailed notes as they get therapy.  

To ensure optimum patient satisfaction, clinicians may keep track of all patient difficulties from the beginning to the completion of therapy with the help of the EZDERM EHR & PM software system. The program, accessible through cellphones, lets doctors and patients take pictures and share them quickly. A patient portal is another EZDERM EMR software component that assists patients with arranging appointments, requesting medications, renewing prescriptions, etc.  

The 2013 Healthcare Solutions Technology Award went to EZDERM EMR. The software allows automatic coding for the production of CPT, 1CD-10, and E&M codes. To reduce time and eliminate confusion when locating the pharmacy, the system offers a Pharmacy Geolocation tool that assists in discovering patients’ preferred pharmacies. PQRS reporting is a feature of the EZDERM Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software  

Pros and cons of EZDERM 

Pros: The EZDERM software epitomizes user-friendliness and has simplified the onboarding of all our new employees. The service ticket options are good since they are helpful. Without calling or asking anyone, you can observe how your practice is expanding. If I have a problem, the CS agents are also quite beneficial. New users will find this system simple to utilize. Ezderm considers all the modifications we desire to make and applies those concepts to their enhancements. I appreciate being able to auto-download without spending money. My claims are processed quickly and without fuss, and I receive my money immediately. They constantly follow up with me regarding denials and other issues. All accounts receivable, collections, and other billing data are available for printing and viewing.  

Cons: The duplication of some documents is one of the unpleasant things. When two or more people edit a document, it is saved twice as two separate documents. Any document must include a lock-out function to ensure that only one user can make changes at once.  

Reports take a while to load, and if I need to extract specific information, that process takes even longer. It is annoying when upgrades interfere with other operations. Ezderm EMR provides security and openness. Before them, my staff handled all difficulties and misappropriated money, which was too much labor and caused other jobs to be neglected.  

What is Liquid EHR   

Liquid EHR is A feature-rich EMR and PM solution for optometry practices. Its user-friendly design and various features make it a vital tool for healthcare professionals who want to give patients high-quality care while maintaining patient data on a centralized, secure platform. 

What can Liquid EHR do for you?  

Liquid EHR provides a fully integrated electronic health records and practices management interface for small to medium-sized optometry practices.  

 A complete feature set, including an appointment calendar, audit logs, clinical documentation, patient interaction tools, revenue cycle management capability, and more, is included with the cloud-based platform. In addition, it has various optometry-specific capabilities, including built-in historical IOP charts, drawing tools, eye exam charts, frames data integration, and graphical annotation tools.  

Marketing capabilities for sales and referrals, polls, office announcements, and social networking are all part of Liquid EHR. Users can book, confirm, and reschedule patient appointments and quickly examine customer information by hovering their mouse over positions in the scheduler.  

Optometrists can access and store patient information from a single location using the system’s built-in database. Users can choose a server-based or cloud-based application format when subscribing. Additionally, Liquid EHR provides access to tools like tools for checking for drug interactions or allergies, educational materials, mailing list generators, tools for assessing vital signs, and more.  

More specifically, by keeping track of patients’ appointments, medication histories, billing information, diagnoses, insurance details, family histories, etc., the platform enables optometrists to streamline the treatment process for patients. Furthermore, the system is intended to enhance eye care frameworks by providing users with all the resources they require to more effectively organize their operations, hasten paperwork, remain on top of patient demands, and maximize revenue collection.  

Pros and cons of Liquid EHR 

Pros : It has Outstanding customer service, excellent functionality, and ease of learning. The support team is accommodating and welcoming. Software that is effective and easy to use. Fantastic functionality and first-rate customer service.  

Cons : The layout of the receipt, for example, can leave patients perplexed. Likewise, people may become confused if discounts or what they spent are displayed next to each item instead. This software occasionally gives odd errors that need me to close and reload the program.  

The tabs cannot be customized. I wish there were choices for auto-coding or auto-filling; it would simplify the exam. Customer service has some shortcomings.  

One more thing!  

In the end, the choice of software depends on your needs and financial plan. However, we advise you to watch customer reviews before making a selection. 

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