Use of information technology in online learning

Use of information technology in online learning

The advancement and development of technology always bring positive and revolutionary effects on education as technology makes it possible to learn online. It would not be wrong to say that information technology gave birth to online learning. Before technology, no one has thought to learn from foreign trainers while sitting home. But only technology has made it possible as it has made our world a global village where everyone from different corners of the world can contact, see and interact with each other. Information technology has also taught us how we can learn from each other in this global village. Here we will discuss how information technology is used in online learning.

Easily accessible learning material:

With the help of information technology, teachers, as well as students, get easy access to learning and educational material. There is a lot of information about everything, every discipline, every topic on the internet. There is nothing that you cannot find on the internet. In this world of information technology, everyone has access to information. Earlier, students had access to very limited information, which limited their knowledge and growth, but now the picture is different. Both students and teachers take help from the internet to improve their knowledge and performance. For instance, there are so many e-books, documents, and pdfs are available on the internet. Even now, schools are incomplete without computer labs.

Non-stop learning:

Because of information technology, the process of learning never stops or breakdown. Your learning process is no longer restricted within the boundary of your educational institution. With the use of the internet and technology, you can learn from anywhere. Even after the introduction of information technology, teachers assign assignments to students which they have to, later on, submit to the teacher from home on a given deadline through the internet. This helps students in so many different ways as they get more time to complete it or if they find it difficult, they can also ask for help from any online assignment help uk. This continuous learning has also improved the academic performance of the students.

Bring together:

Information technology brings students from all over the world together on different online forums where they can share their knowledge and experience and learn from each other. Students participate in different webinars, debates, and discussions and interact with people from different schools of thought and levels of knowledge. They increase their knowledge and benefit them in so many different ways. For instance, it improves their communication skills. They learn how to interact with different people. Irrespective of geographical distances, it allows people to share information and bring them closer.

Audio and visual material:

Information technology has made teaching and learning both easier. If we look at the teaching side, we see how by using technology, teachers use audio and visuals to explain different concepts and topics easily. On the other hand, students learn efficiently and effectively through visuals and audio. Mainly, if we talk about visuals, it has a very positive impact on students when used for teaching because visuals last long in students’ memory. Now with the help of audio and visuals, teachers can demonstrate their topic smoothly and with less effort because every class is a mixture of students with different abilities and capabilities. When a teacher teaches with diversity in a classroom, all of the students in the class get a chance to learn.

Helpful in distance learning:

It is said that modern problems need a modern solution, same as modern problems of the educational world are solved only because of the modern solution that information technology has provided us. The use of information technology is very helpful in distance learning. Information technology has made it possible to learn from a distance. Especially during the COVID, when it was necessary to maintain a safe distance from everyone, distance learning plays a vital role in continuing the process of learning. It was not possible to go to school and take classes. Hence, educational institutions switched to online classes where students could see and interact and continue education while sitting home. Along with that, many universities and institutions have designed online courses for students who live in another country and want to learn from foreign trainers.

Keeping proper records:

Information technology helps students to keep their files, documents and notes saved, secured, and recorded. There is no fear of losing documents when they are saved by using information technology because it saves all the data in cloud storage, where data is saved, systematic, and secured. Teachers also use information technology in maintaining their records and academic records of the students. It is easier to maintain records on computers or laptops than to keep records manually. Because manually, it takes more time and energy along that manual records can be easily destroyed or misplaced.

Helpful in eLearning:

The whole process and mechanism of eLearning are dependent upon information technology. People all around the world are learning through the internet. There are so many certified courses that are available on the internet that people are doing and learning new things and skills. And the best thing is that there are no hard and fast rules or requirements for such courses. Anyone who wants to learn can enroll in these courses. There are people who hesitate to take admission in any institution. Who can take these courses and learn all things easily while sitting home.

Blended learning:

With the help of information technology, a new method of learning has been introduced is blended learning. Blended learning is a very good and balanced combination of traditional and online classes. Students take traditional classes along with that teacher also provides study material, projects, and assignments online. Students also have a few online sessions with the teacher.

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