Supply Chain Management Software for Smooth Business Operations

An efficient supply chain management system forms the backbone of a business. Why? Supply chain management or SCM is the management of the flow of goods, data, and finances related to the products or services offered by a business. It encapsulates the entire process from procurement of raw materials to the delivery of the product at its final destination.

Supply Chain Management or SCM today is completely digitized. These SCM systems include all the material handling and supply chain management software for all the parties involved in the creation of the product or the service offered by the business, order fulfillment, and tracking of information. This includes suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, transportation and logistics providers, and retailers.

Armstrong’s Advanced Supply Chain Management Software

Armstrong is a top provider of intelligent automated solutions to several companies including Fortune 500 enterprises. It is a leading supplier of automated solutions for the supply chain management industry in India with over 1000 customers in more than 14 countries around the world. All of their solutions powered by the latest and most advanced technology. They ensure unprecedented levels of supply chain visibility, intelligence, resilience, and accuracy.

The advanced software use by them is design for tackling complex, global demand, and supply networks. It is aimed at assisting businesses to prepare for and respond to the rapidly changing market dynamics of today’s world with real-time visibility and control over the supply chain from the starting till the very end.

This software is cloud-native and aids the supply chain to integrate quickly and easily with all third-party and ERP systems.  It works smoothly with automated systems to offer a unified and easy-to-navigate platform for monitoring the logistics from source-to-pay and taking care of the entire supply chain management in general.

Applications of the SCM Software

Some of the best SCM softwares include E2open, SAP SCM, Logility, Perfect Commerce, Oracle SCM, Infor SCM, JDA SCM, Manhattan SCM, Epicor SCM, Dassault Systemes SCM, Descartes SCM, Highjump SCM, IFS, Watson Supply Chain, BluJay SCM among many others. Almost all sectors of the supply chain management are powered by this software. Some of those sectors are as mentioned below:

  • Inventory management

The SCM software helps to manage the availability of stock and raw materials along with their quantity. The inventory management feature is also largely use in predicting future trends in the inflow and outflow of inventory.

  • Warehouse Management

Warehouse management is also automate with the help of advance SCM software. It enables management of all the activities that are taking place in the warehouse storing goods and analyses aspects such as storage space and labor required.

  • Customer requirement process

This feature of the SCM software is essential for seeing to the requirements of the customers by overseeing the entire operation. The arrival of raw materials processing to the delivery of the final product everything is closely monitor.

  • Logistics

Supply chain management software also aids in creating space for the expansion of the business in the respective field in the future. It eliminates the need to upgrade to new technology which may cause unnecessary delays.

  • Returns management

The Supply Chain Management software is designe to monitor any return of damaged goods by the customer. It helps in overseeing the processing of refunds as well as checking and initiating any insurance claims made by them.

  • Sourcing and supplier management

AI powered software by Armstrong also offers tools to help in identifying viable suppliers and working with them to maintain a good vendor relationship.

  • Analytics

Some come with intelligence to analyze any problems and find their causes as well as provide suggestions for risk management.

Summing It Up

Reliable software helps this industrial automation company to deliver robust comprehensive supply chain management functionality. Which includes planning visibility collaboration and execution. The software offers a single, unified cloud-native platform. Advanced AI technology equips the customers with superior data analysis capabilities for meeting the demand and supply requirements effectively.

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