Chakra The Invincible NFTs- The Future Is Now!

The influence of superheroes is in existence for decades. This genre has shaped the entertainment industry and has transformed the industry into something very dominant and exhilarating. The superhero genre has given us more than hundreds of superheroes in various mediums, such as tv shows, comics, graphic novels, and games. The trending and wow factor of this genre will not disappear and it keeps on evolving into something greater exponentially. At present, NFTs are the buzzword in the world. From various business domains to entertainment genres, every sector has adopted this technology and has taken the next step in the evolution of genres across various mediums.

An Indian superhero named Chakra is the epitome of this impressive integration of the superhero genre with non-fungible tokens. Before we could have a brief knowledge of the creation of this innovative combination, it is necessary to have an understanding of NFTs.

NFT- Everything To Know About Them

Non-fungible tokens are basically digital products that are traded over individuals with the effectiveness of the blockchain network. This network secures each and every detail of the transaction and stores them securely, which also includes the ownership of the product. Ownership of any product is very important as it certifies the product and provides complete authenticity to the respective buyer. Non-fungible tokens are of various types; the most common types of NFTs are image files, short videos, GIFs, trading cards, etc. Marketplaces trades these NFTS.

Chakra The Invincible- Latest Entrant In The NFT World

Chakra The Invisible is an Indian superhero comic that was later adapted as a tv show and it was a mega-hit among the young Indian generation. The story of this hit tv show revolves around the life of Raju Rai. Raju is a young boy who is a bright student in his school. His main goal is to unlock every fraction of secrets that are held in a human being through science. His mentor, Dr. Singh is a genius scientist who is striving to take mankind to the next level. Dr.Singh created a nanotech suit that has the ability to unleash all seven chakras of one’s body. After a certain event, the nanotech suit gets bonded with Raju Rai. This suit enables him to achieve superhuman powers and abilities. With these new profound abilities, Raju becomes determined to help and save the city of Mumbai from the evil that is circulating underground.

This exhilarating tv show now enters the NFT domain and expect to be huge in forthcoming days upon its launch.  Chakra The Invincible has created its own NFTs with a wide range of varieties and designs for its die-hard fans. This NFT collection combines with a wide array of unique assets such as the Chakra artpunk loot box, animated living comic book cover, Chakra artpunks, comic book covers, seven chakra’s powers, animated NFT videos, and Stan Lee’s b’day special. 

Primary details regarding the Chakra NFT collection are provided below,

The element of surprise focus on The Chakra artpunk NFT loots box. Also, there are 6865 loot boxes in availability. Additionally, This loot box consists of a wide range of artpunks. It is provided to the buyer with the essence of surprise.

Chakra artpunks is a unique smart contract that generates NFT. This NFT has special signature designs. It depicts the tv show. besides, There are a total of 15 in availability and they expect to sell in an auction

Orange comet creates Comic book covers and animated living covers of the tv show as NFTs. These are a perfect treat for comic enthusiasts because they get the ability to gain ownership of these digital assets.

Chakra’s seven power furnishes the fans with the power to hold something great like the Chakra with the help of NFT.

The animated NFT videos issue the best moments of the comic book. additionally, its own adaptation shows into NFTs and get a chance to hold them as your own forever.

Among all other NFTs, Stan Lee’s B’day special NFT is one of the special. Orange comet creates NFTs as a tribute to his 99th birthday and only one NFT is available in the market.

Wrapping Up,

Finally, These meticulously designed NFTs are going to be on sale soon. will be the platform that is going to initiate the auction for Stan Lee’s Chakra The Invincible on the 27th of December. This is a never-seen-before opportunity for comic and superhero enthusiasts to own something special that lasts forever.

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