Bigg Boss Season 14 Review

The Bigg Boss season 14 franchise has been airing in different languages across the Indian subcontinent for the last seven years. The first season of the show was aired on Sony TV, followed by a move to Colors TV for the second season. Later, the show was rebranded as ETV Bangla and moved to Colors TV. After a successful stint on Sony TV, the show ventured into Telugu and Malayal through Star Maa.

The Bigg Boss is no exception. The first season is full of ridiculous drama wrapped up in a crazy ride. There’s no school romance – everything is based on comedy. However, the dynamic between the main cast members is believable. The relationships between the students are also well-developed, making the first season enjoyable. There are many twists and turns, and the series has a loyal audience. If you have a knack for improvising, Bigg has a lot of them to offer.

Review of big boss season 14

The Bigg Boss season 14 one is a wacky drama wrapped in a ridiculous ride. It lacks the school romance that makes some drama shows so successful. It focuses on comedy and has good dynamics between the main characters and the students. But, there are still some positives in this season. For example, Rubina doesn’t do well in the task she was given and is forced to work harder to get it done.

This season is about the challenges that the contestants face. The Bigg Boss winers is an omnipresent authority figure and will assign tasks that test the contestants’ teamwork abilities. The contestants will also earn a luxury budget, which is money that they can use to buy luxurious food. The amount of money that each member can earn will depend on how well they do the tasks assigned to them. While it may seem ridiculous, it’s worth it.
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Episodes Of Big Boss Season 14

The first season is filled with wacky drama that is wrapped in a crazy ride. While the first season lacks the usual school romance, the show does have a few redeeming qualities. There are two episodes of Bigg Boss: the first and the second. Both have good plots and are worth watching. They are both entertaining and educational. The first episode of the series is a good example of this. This reality show is a spoof of the Indian school system. It’s a satirical satire that is aimed at a youth audience.

The Bigg Boss is an omnipresent authority figure in the show. Each contestant is given tasks that are designed to test their teamwork skills and community spirit. The contestants also have a luxury budget that they can spend on food every week. The luxury budget depends on how well the contestants perform the tasks. They are rewarded with a weekly allowance of luxurious food. It’s important to know this amount before the show begins.

Winer people in season 14

After the first episode, the competition has come to a close. The Bigg Boss winers is an omnipresent authority figure who gives out assignments. The contestants are also given a luxury budget, which can be used to buy expensive items, such as designer clothes and designer clothing. This luxury budget is awarded based on the results of tasks that the contestants are assigned each week. The winners of the season are selected based on their skills and the votes they have received.

The Bigg Boss has been a prominent authority figure for the past few seasons. The contestants are supposed to work together and have a community spirit. The contestants receive a luxury budget every week, which is meant to allow them to spend on luxury foods. If they perform well in the task, they will win the luxury budget. Once they have won the game, they can buy expensive items. These are usually sold during the season’s finale.

At the end

There are several types of contestants in the show. Some of them are celebrities, others are students. The Bigg Boss 14 is no different. Whether you are a teenager or an adult, you can participate in the show. The contestants are required to upload an introduction video, which should contain information about themselves. It should be no longer than three minutes long and should weigh about 50 MB. The audition is also a test of how well you will perform in the competition.


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