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Time to buy a new cabinet? Check out our tips!

buy a new cabinet

buy a new cabinet, Do you know that? You look around your house and suddenly you think: what a mess! It’s high time to do something about that, and what better way to do that than by buying a new cabinet that completely matches your wishes? In this article, you can read our tips for a new closet!


Sideboard EEF is a good example of how you can make optimal use of space. The cabinet consists of a number of open compartments where you can place things that you want to keep in view. In addition, there are also compartments with doors that are equipped with a handy push-to-open system, this ensures that no handles are needed and that the cabinet has a calm and sleek appearance. Curious about how to assemble this cabinet? Then watch this video!


Order EEF and many more other cabinets online

Buffet cabinet EEF, and many other cabinets, you can easily order online. Our furniture collection includes various compartment cabinets, sideboards, sideboards, TV furniture, sliding door cabinets, and much more! When you have found your cupboard, you can choose from different types of wood that the cupboard can be made of. You can even adjust the dimensions of the cabinet if you want! Is the design cabinet you want not listed? Then you can also choose to design a cabinet yourself and order it from us. And with a little imagination, you can even turn it into a desk or bench. You can do this very easily by making a sketch on our sketch paper and ordering your design with our custom-made configurator. So plenty of options!


TV cabinet GOOF

GOOF, a sturdy TV cabinet that has everything you could wish for. The TV niche is placed in the middle, on which you can hang your TV stylishly. Above it are a number of open compartments that you can decorate to your liking. You place the real showpieces in the two open compartments next to the TV niche. These compartments have recesses for spots, with which you literally put your belongings in the spotlight! The lower compartments are equipped with sleek doors, equipped with a push to open system.


Sideboard EEF

You already know EEF a bit by now. The nice thing about EEF is that the depth differs. The lower part with doors is a bit deeper than the upper part with the open compartments. This is practical and gives a nice effect! The open compartments at the bottom left and the top right has recesses for spots so that you can display your most beautiful things there.


Closet JAN

Do you want a clear, symmetrical compartment cabinet? Then JAN is ready for you. In total there are 8 open compartments that are all the same size and two compartments with double doors. JAN lends itself perfectly as a bookcase, but also comes into its own with all your favorite showpieces in it!


PIET is a whopper of a closet. Not only in its large format, but also in its playful, yet symmetrical design. The 10 open compartments offer enough space to dress nicely and the two compartments on the side have recesses for spotlights. The two closed compartments are finished with double doors with a push-to-open system. For PIET it is almost difficult to find enough stuff to store in it! Get more tips about buying guide with ideas for buying website 


TV cabinet GIJS

GIJS , a classic TV cabinet that offers space for everything you want to store around your TV. The closed compartments offer space for magazines, remote controls, media player(s), or DVDs if you still have them. You can finish this cabinet completely to your liking. Kathleen has done that by using two different colors, giving the cabinet a very unique look!


Design a cabinet that fits perfectly in your interior

If you want to make optimal use of your space, it is of course best to go for a custom cabinet! When designing, you can then take into account the space where you want to place the cabinet. At you indicate the dimensions to the millimeter, you choose your own layout with open compartments, doors, drawers, flaps, or a TV niche and you choose extra options such as shelves, recesses for spotlights, or a plinth. With this, you can make the perfect cabinet for your interior! Download our sketch paper, create your design and order your custom cabinetry via our handy custom configurator.


Be inspired and advised! 


Not quite sure what kind of cabinet you want to make? Then be inspired by the many projects that others have made with OP MAAT! We also all have DIY tips that will help you get the best results. All inspiration and information can be found on our blog. Are you still in doubt and would you like personal advice first? Then you can also make an appointment in our brand new showroom. Make an appointment right away!


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