5 Jewellery Pieces that Can Be Custom-Made for the Bride

Creating a fashion statement at this age of mass-produced jewellery markets is difficult. Custom-made jewellery makes you stand apart from the crowd, giving you a unique style statement. But as much as the idea is intriguing, looking for suitable bespoke jewellery in London for the bride can be confusing.

There are a lot of ways jewellery can be customised. But these are 5 pieces of jewellery that are super stylish and trending.

Name etched wedding rings

A perfect combination of subtlety and love, custom-made wedding rings with names are simply stunning. You can go for a simple wedding band or a dazzling diamond ring to complement the design.

A beautiful wedding ring with your sweetheart’s name engraved in it adds a lot of personal touches.

Diamond earrings

Earrings are versatile. They make for a very thoughtful gift for the bride. We would recommend picking a pair that goes with the dress.

Sometimes, people may want to re-design an antique earring set for their child’s wedding ceremony. Gifting an heirloom by making some modern changes is a great idea.

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Customised bracelets with vows

Nothing is more special than gifting your wife jewellery with vows etched on it. A lot of bespoke jewellery stores in Hatton Garden does bracelets with vows imprinted on them.

This is a classic combination of adding a contemporary twist to a piece of traditional jewellery. Bracelets make for great accessories on any special occasion.

If you want the piece really special, we recommend going for a heart-shaped charm complimenting diamonds embedded on the sides.

 An eye-catching bespoke necklace

This one is a little expensive but for a traditional wedding, a necklace is a perfect choice of gift for the bride. Wearing a luxurious piece of an eye-catching diamond customised necklace will make the bride feel like a princess on their wedding day!

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If you are going for a vintage necklace or a family heirloom, it is best to get it checked once by a jeweller. With old jewellery, most of the time, they need some repairing work. The clasps could be broken or the stones could become loose.

In that case, contact a jewellery repairing company like Prestige Valuations. They not only create beautifully customised jewellery pieces but also does expert jewellery repairing work.

Voice-wave pendants

This is a very unique idea of customised jewellery. Every sound generates its own wave pattern. These voice pendants are engraved with a special message or love note by your partner.

The wave pattern can be a vow, a love message or even your name that is represented through a gold or silver pendant.

A few things to keep in mind

Before ordering your bespoke jewellery in London, here are a few things to consider:

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If you think that customised jewellery might cost you more, it is untrue. It’s all about getting the right budget. Personalised jewellery comes in all shapes and sizes. From a simple wedding band to elaborate necklaces—custom designs can be done to fit in your budget.

Look for quality and not quantity

The reason for making customised jewellery is because of getting better quality. It can be a simple engagement ring, but make sure that the stones, metals, and craftmanship meet your expectations.

Create an emotional connection

A piece of bespoke jewellery needs to have an emotional connection—that is what makes them so special and unique. Make it intimate with your ideas, memories and message. Think carefully about what you want them to remember while looking at the piece.

The benefits of customised jewellery cannot be overstated. It is a way to gift something that they will cherish forever. Apart from the material, it is the thought and details that count.

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