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7 Essential Things to Consider Before Buying the Bed Sheet

Because you spend a third of your day between the sheets, why not make your bed with ones you can’t wait to get into? You’ll want to make sure you get sheets that are both comfortable and long-lasting. As you sift through the labels and claims, here’s what you should know. It is highly recommended that you try a Deep fitted sheet double to keep yourself cosy and warm.

What Size are you Looking for?

Make sure you know what size bed you’re buying, even if it seems self-evident. The following are the various sizes of bed sheets that you may require:

  • Single 
  • Double 
  • King 
  • Super-king 
  • Emperor

Is it a size that’s out of the norm, or is it a size that’s unusual? Measure before placing something in your cart if you’re unsure. Some beds, such as little single beds or European double beds, have unique proportions; therefore it’s important to select the right size. Also, consider the depth of your mattress. If you have an extra-deep mattress or a mattress topper, you’ll need a bed sheet designed for “deep” mattresses. It’s important to remember that picking the wrong size bed sheet can make a big impact. You’ll be continuously tucking a bed sheet that’s too small back in since it won’t fit correctly. Oversized bed sheets may quickly become dirty and difficult to control, making your bed unpleasant to sleep in.

Read the Fibre Content First

Cotton is a popular fabric since it is both soft and affordable. If you want to go all out, Extra-Long Staple (ELS) cotton, such as Egyptian or Pima, is even softer and more durable. The disadvantage is that while these linens will be much more costly, and you’ll have to take the company’s word for it; cotton has been mislabelled as Egyptian in the past. Cotton/polyester blends are also available. The polyester composition makes the cloth more inexpensive, resilient, and far less susceptible to wrinkles, despite its synthetic feel

Fitted or Flat?

Fitted sheets are particularly made to cover mattresses. They have an elasticized border that makes it easy to put them around your mattress and keeps them in place. Flat sheets are more versatile, since they may be used as a sleeping surface on top of your mattress or as a layer beneath your mattress. Furthermore, a well-fitting flat sheet might appear neater than a fitted sheet, which may be the type of detail you like in your house. Even if you like the convenience of a fitted sheet, having a pair of flat sheets on hand for hot summer evenings when a duvet is too much is a smart idea.

Thread Count & Weave

Your bed sheet’s thread count and weave are equally as important as the fabric. Smoother, denser, and more durable fabrics have a greater thread count, but they take longer to dry and iron. Textiles with a lower thread count, on the other hand, are lighter and easier to wash, making them ideal for busy people. It’s also important to think about the weave of your chosen bed sheet. Percale weaves are crisp and fresh, whereas sateen weaves are smoother but less durable. A twill weave is thicker and has a nice drape, which is vital if your bedsheet is going to be utilised as a covering to sleep under.

Patterned or Plain

All that’s left to select is whether you want a patterned or plain bed sheet now that you’ve decided on the size, type, fabric, and weave. Plain bedroom designs benefit from patterned bed sheets since they provide a touch of interest to the space. Some patterns are more visible, such as checks or prints, while others, such as self-woven stripes, are more subtle. Plain bed sheets are adaptable and go with any bedding plan or bedroom decor. Plain bedsheets, when paired with a patterned bed set, provide an elegant effect in a room.

Always check the Return Policy

It’s difficult to say if you’ll enjoy sleeping on the sheets unless you try them. Some businesses, particularly those that sell only online, accept returns for any reason, even up to a few months after purchase.

Fabric Cotton

Because of its softness, durability, and hypoallergenic characteristics, it has been a popular option for a long time. Egyptian cotton is a fantastic option if you’re searching for something a little more unique. Egyptian cotton bed linens are made from high-quality cotton produced along the Nile’s banks. For added night-time comfort, it’s notably smoother and more durable than conventional cotton.


Another opulent option for bed is linens. These soft sheets tend to fold readily, making them ideal for a relaxed, rustic look. Linen is good at regulating temperature and is especially pleasant in hot weather since the linen fibres drain away excess moisture while you sleep.


Do you want to go all out with your opulence? Then you should get silk bed linens. Our 19-momme silk sheets are made from pure mulberry silk and are silky smooth and cool on the skin. They’ll help you get a good night’s sleep no matter how hot it is outside.


Choose easy-care bed sheets composed of a poly-cotton blend or a light viscose fabric for a more practical approach. Both alternatives are simple to wash and dry, making them suitable for houses with limited drying space or a large number of beds to manage.


We concluded that bed sheets are important when it comes to sleeping, so choosing the right bed sheet will be surely helpful. 

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