Best Alarm Clocks for Heavy Sleeper in 2022

People in 2022 probably use their mobile phones as alarm clocks. But according to sleep experts in the world, you should keep your phone far away from the bed as phones tend to mess with your sleep cycle.

The solution? Using an actual bedside alarm clock.

With heavy sleepers, sleeping through the wake-up time is nothing new. As a result, it can cause time management issues, delayed start of the day and whatnot. Choosing an alarm clock that is dependable and efficient is very crucial.

Lucky for you, we have listed some of the best bedside alarm clocks for you.

Acctim Selworth Double Bell Mechanical Keywound Alarm Clock

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Acctim is a leading U.K based watch brand known especially for their cheap alarm clocks. This model especially comes in a rose gold colour and has a vintage feel to it.

Philips SmartSleep Wakeup Light

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This Philip clock is insanely popular among the young crowd because it is more than an alarm clock. The clock simulates the gentle of the morning sun along with soothing sounds to wake you up!

It even has advanced features like dimming sunset to help you sleep better. This one is a perfect kid’s alarm clock who is a heavy sleeper.

Acctim ‘Coloma’ 3″ LED Digital MSF Signal Radio Controlled Alarm Clock 71763

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Another great alarm clock from the house of Acctim. Unlike the first one, this one is a digital alarm clock with automatic setups and seasonal time changes.

This one is great for people who have less space. It is compact and comes with a high/low brightness feature.

Westclox Baby Ben Silver

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Baby Ben alarm clocks are similar to Big Ben first started selling out in 1910. Most of these clocks are pretty simple and stylish.

This Baby Ben alarm clock comes with a loud alarm bell which is perfect for kids who are heavy sleepers. It works simply and functionally, perfect for kids to follow.

Casio Travel Quartz Beep Alarm Clock

Casio is known for some of the best watches and bedside alarm clocks in the world. This one, in particular, has luminous hands and numerical which comes convenient for the night. Batteries are included. The bright red design adds a fun vibe to the clock.

Hatch Restore

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Hatch is a brand known for its sleep devices designed for children and infants. It is more than sound. This smart device has a built-in reading system along with a sunrise guide for children to experience better sleep.

For adults, meditation guidance helps to restore better circulation flow in the body. Added to that you get six months of free Hatch Premium subscription where you get access to their library meditation, soundscapes and even sleep-inducing stories!

Precision Lcd Wall Desk Clock Ap046

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This is an all-in-one master bedside alarm clock. The model is very sleek with a clear LCD of date, time, temperature and other information.

This alarm clock gives so much within its amazing price point. It has Radio controlled features along with a moon phase display.

Peakeep Ultra Small Travel Alarm Clock

For someone who travels a lot, heavy sleeping isn’t a good habit. This small analogue clock is a perfect travel partner for you. Don’t get fooled by its size. It manages to snooze with a four-beep alarm system with increasing volume. It has a ‘light-up’ feature in the dark. Even for light sleepers, it ticks very silently so it wouldn’t bother you.

Reflex Penguin Talk Clock

kids wake up clock

Look at how cute this kid’s alarm clock is!

This alarm clock comes with Quartz movement along with a range of sound options. It has a snooze feature as well. You can also set it to announce each hour—very useful for people with poor eyesight.

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