4 Selling Tips For Engaging Photos On Social Platforms [2022]

Do you want to exploit the potential of Facebook to increase your sales? Whether your company deals with jewelry, clothing, or cosmetics, Facebook has the largest number of active users. It allows you to easily meet your target customers thanks to the many tools provided by the social platforms.

To get the optimum outputs, you should hire a top-notch image masking service to generate more clients on social platforms.

The Importance Of Images To Sell On Social Platforms

Photographs related to your ad are essential for starting a successful online business. In fact, you must know that a professional image, associated with a product sheet, increases the probability of sales. This is true both on e-commerce, and in particular on social networks where images have a much better reach than links.

In fact, the photos have the task of showing the product, but also of capturing the attention of the public. For this reason, the still life technique is perfect for selling on Facebook with photos that can distinguish and bring out your reality.

How To Sell On Social Platforms?

If you decide to sell on Facebook, know that the well-known social network offers 3 possibilities to showcase your products:

  • Use the Marketplace, which is the section dedicated to sales that are divided into product sections whose geo-location can be seen.
  • Selling through groups in which this special function has been enabled by the administration.
  • Start an advertising campaign with Facebook Ads.

4 Tips For Creating Perfect Visual content on social platforms: 


  1. The image must be precise, of excellent quality, able to show the product from multiple angles. Users must have a clear understanding of what they are looking at and must also be able to zoom in on the product to observe the smallest details.
  2. The product becomes more attractive if it is displayed within a context, in the most natural way possible. In the case of a dress, it is important to see how it fits on a mannequin and a person. This helps the potential buyer to get an idea of ​​the characteristics of the product and also to consider it more desirable.
  3. Pay attention to the arrangement of the product. The images published on the web always follow an F-shaped orientation, since the areas that attract the most interest are those arranged at the top and on the left.
  4. The image must be clear and sharp. If you don’t want to risk having a lot of returns or seeing negative reviews and comments grow about the merchandise you sell, you need to present your products as faithfully as possible.

Who To Contact To Take Pictures To Sell On Social Platforms? 


If you want to sell on social platforms, on large marketplaces, or on your e-commerce, you need to link your ad with quality photos, optimized for the web, capable of showing your products in the best possible way and attracting attention.

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