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10 Furniture Tips For Decorating a Beautiful Bedroom

There’s no easy way to say it: some bedrooms are just plain bad

From clashing colors to mountains of clutter, certain furniture that is meant to provide a sense of rest and relaxation can cause deep unease and existential dread.

Since we typically focus our time and budget on beautifying the more public areas of our home that guests tend to see, the bedroom can often become a dumping ground for mismatched items and unsightly junk you don’t want in your living and dining rooms.

No more, we say. The bedroom deserves just as much attention — if not more — as the other spaces in your home. To help you make the most of your space and ensure it lands on the “good bedrooms” list, we’ve compiled our ten favorite tips for decorating a beautiful bedroom.


From Scandinavian to Industrial, knowing your style helps to narrow down your choices when shopping for furniture and decor. Not sure what style you’re leaning towards? We recommend hopping onto Pinterest or Instagram and looking through posts you’ve saved of rooms you love. Pay attention to certain qualities that consistently pop up, such as materials, color schemes, and shapes.

Noticing a lot of metals, dark accent colors, and sleek silhouettes? You might be into industrial style. Feeling more of the light and neutral palettes, with a touch of rattan and curvy shapes? Maybe boho style is more your speed. If you’re still stumped, a quick Google search will also provide you with countless free online interior design style quizzes you can take to get an idea of where you might fall on the Scandinavian to farmhouse spectrum. (We actually have one of our own, too.) Once you’ve established your style you can get to the fun stuff: shopping.


As it’s most likely the largest piece of furniture in your bedroom, your bed acts as a focal point of your space. Want a simple mid-century look with warmth and character? Our Lenia Walnut Bed was made for you.

When shopping for your bed, consider how you’ll be using it. Do you often read before hitting the hay? A bed frame with a lightly padded headboard like the Tessu gives you the perfect spot to lean up against while catching up on your latest book club pick. Looking for something with a low and minimal profile so you can dress it up with a headboard of your choice? That’ll be one Basi Bed, coming right up.


It’s easy to get caught up in how things look, but when it comes to decorating your bedroom you should also pay attention to how things feel, smell, and sound. For example, a lavender-filled diffuser adds a naturally calming scent to your space, while a noise machine can drown out traffic noise and loud neighbors to help you fall asleep ASAP.

When it comes to your sense of touch, start with your sheets. It’s time to replace those scratchy maroon ones that got you through college and upgrade to fabrics such as linen, bamboo, or organic cotton. Thank us later. Maybe Biedermeier furniture might be your choice for your mood.


Speaking of touchable textures, there’s no better way to start your day than by hopping out of bed onto a plush rug. Rugs add instant warmth and coziness to a bedroom, while also providing extra design interest.

To keep things as comfy as possible, choose a rug that’s big enough for your bed to rest on, plus equal space on either side. If you have a king-sized bed like the Sven, an 8 x 10 rug such as the Elko, fits nicely underneath when placed horizontally with visible space on either side for your feet to land.


Lighting can make or break a moment. Whether you’re trying to sleep in when your partner goes to work or relaxing with a glass of Gamay and your favorite Netflix show in bed, the right lighting makes all the difference.

When illuminating your bedroom, make sure you use a variety of lighting sources to ensure both form and function. For example, a pair of Rama Table Lamps on your bedside table allows for reading and a soft moody glow, while the Fila Table Lamp can be used at your bedroom desk or makeup vanity when you need to finish some late-night work or get ready for the fifteenth wedding of the summer.

Lucky enough to have a reading nook, or maybe your bedroom didn’t come with overhead lighting? The Pendula Floor Lamp gives you an extra source of light without needing a call to your electrician.


Studies show that a cluttered bedroom can lead to anxiety and poor quality of sleep. Reduce any visual noise by investing in storage solutions that keep clutter and mess to a minimum. A tall dresser like the Envelo doesn’t take up much of a footprint, yet has five generously sized drawers for your collection of flashy tees.

If you’re looking for more surface area or drawers, a long and low dresser like the Nera keeps everything in its place while looking quite stunning, if we do say so ourselves. Live in a small space or just want a sneaky spot to hide gifts? Get the Lenia Underbed Storage Drawer Set for the ultimate storage savior.


Continuing the storage theme, think of nightstands as an extra opportunity to maximize organization while highlighting your style. The Lenia Floating Nightstand takes up zero floor space but gives you an extra drawer for your odds and ends. If you’re after even more storage, the Genome Nightstand has two large drawers that can double as extra dresser space as needed.

To create that calm and restorative feeling we’re after, keep your nightstand as clutter-free as possible. A lamp, water carafe and glass, and perhaps one or two other necessities can be out, but try to designate your top drawer for any other items. Out of sight, out of mind — but in a good way.


“But I thought I was supposed to avoid clutter?” You’re right, but when it comes to an intimate space like your bedroom, comfort comes in the form of a few curated personal touches.

A cute family photo atop your Genome Dresser, a piece of your kid’s artwork in a modern frame on the wall, or a small clay bowl you brought back from your trip to Tulum are all examples of ways to add personality to your space — without adding clutter.


We’ll start this section by acknowledging that not everybody’s bedroom has space for a dedicated reading nook, but we can all dream, right?

That said, if you do have the space, a reading nook is an excellent use for it. Imagine leaning back into your Ellow Recliner, placing a cup of Hibiscus tea on your Narro Side Table, shutting your bedroom door, and diving into that book that’s been on your reading list for the past year — all while you can hear your teens fighting over the remote in the living room. Absolute bliss.


If you’d rather just get to the sleeping part of decorating your bedroom, our Bundles are the perfect solution. We’ve done the work for you so you don’t need to try and guess which styles go with which.

For example, our King of Sleep Bundle matches the Lenia King-Sized Bed with the Genome Nightstands. The intricate details of the nightstands contrast with the modern lines of the bed, while the entire look is tied together with the use of warm woods. Bonus: Buying a Bundle is less expensive than buying the pieces individually.

Decorating a beautiful bedroom doesn’t need to be a nightmare. From the bed to the rug — and every dreamy detail in between — you can create a sanctuary that’s all your own.

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