Types of makeup to look like a movie star

How look gorgeous in makeup

People have always tried to imitate the stars by wearing the right make-up. In fact, it has been a beauty ritual since time immemorial. However, it’s essential to know that what you wear on your face should be as close to your skin tone as possible. We know that we all want something different when it comes to makeup. Some of us like natural-looking looks, while others love dramatic eye shadows and bold lips. Many of us have our own special tips and tricks that help us achieve the look we’re after.


Types of makeup


Natural looking makeup

When you want to achieve a natural look, makeup should be so light that it’s almost invisible. You could use powders as a base because they are mostly matte and don’t give the impression of trying too hard with make-up. In addition, synthetic skin color tones like shade white work better than true rosy hues because those colors can appear unnatural on some people’s faces! The most crucial thing you can do is to blend everything together very well with the help of a brush.


Darker shades makeup

Makeup looks – depending on your complexion, choose four different colors that should cover all shades of skin tones – pale (soft pink), ash or beige (a natural look but slightly lighter in comparison to light shade). If necessary, flesh-colored eye shadows may also be used as an addition; reds and oranges should cover the lips. Next, apply a darker shade of foundation (for example in shades between medium & very dark) to build dimension and make your skin look more healthy. After putting on the foundation. Wipe all or mainly white spots with brow color eye shadow – it’ll brighten up eyes, create a better contrast with lipstick and help you keep eyeliner that is applied next . Currently, orange tones are very popular color for eyeshadow – this was achieved with make-up by using a yellowish or light shade beige eye shadow.


Casual look 

When you have time to apply lots of makeup but looking at yourself doesn’t work, you can choose a very natural look and apply the rest of the eye makeup on the top layers with your fingers. If this is interpreted as lazy, switch to compact for foundation (do not squeeze too much though), powder brush, or fake eyelashes – which will give you volume!

Most options are used in combination depending on what’s more important: if it’s time to go out after work, quickly throw together quite tousled look – apply powder, concealer and eyeliner on bare lids, such as from Essence; if you want to avoid sweat getting in the eyes during a sweaty workout or when it’s cloudy outside (you don’t want your brows fading with weather conditions), there are two options: mix subtle dusting of bronzer for an even skin tone or sprinkle color all over inner corners. This is best done using some transparent powder on the brush.




Makeups differ from person to person, as every one of us has a different look and purpose, so you have to be more creative to find out which makeup style suits you best and goes along with your fancy party dress.

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