9 Reasons Outsourcing eBook Creation and Conversion Services is a Great Idea

Outsourcing eBook Creation and Conversion Services

In today’s digital era, whether you are a first time author or a renowned publisher in the print domain – eBooks are the way forward. eBook creation services are helping many authors and publishers take their books to the next level and a wider audience. With systematic content management and distribution and interactive features, eBooks are far superior to traditional print books in many aspects.

eBooks are also quite sustainable as they don’t require trees to be cut for producing paper. eBook conversion services help many authors convert their content and manuscripts into useful eBooks. 

Here is a look at some really awesome benefits of eBook creation and conversion services:

Specialists do the work for you

Yes, indeed. Specialists do all the running around, and all you need to take care of is the content. eBook creation services empower authors and publishers by keeping them away from tedious tasks such as segregation of the content, searching for distributors, choosing the platforms, marketing their eBooks, and worrying about the technology being employed. 

After this, the eBook creation experts review the content again and make any necessary changes. If there’s any major mistake or incompletion, then only reviewers suggest changes to the author(s). 

Experts then choose the technologies, interactive elements, distribution platforms and also set the price of the eBook based on several factors involved. eBook creation and conversion experts also look after the marketing aspect. In short, authors and publishers get all the services under one roof, while availing quality services saving their time and hard earned money. 


Make the best of technical expertise 

With professional eBook creation services, you are assured of technical expertise. Experienced and well-trained professionals take care of all the aspects of creation and conversion without any hassles. An expert team of content writers and reviewers, software developers and testers, distribution experts, marketing experts, PR personnel, and social media experts take care of end-to-end eBook creation and conversion solutions. 

The best thing about this is that authors and publishers don’t need to worry about any of the processes and their intricacies involved. First time authors with negligible technical know-how can succeed in the digital publishing world, thanks to expert services. Such services have helped many first-time authors establish themselves as reliable brand names in the digital space – giving them a new lease of life. 


Embed highly interactive content

Interactive eBooks are the real game changers in today’s world. Whether you are an educator or a fiction writer, you will find a large audience looking for interactive eBooks in your area of expertise. Interactive eBooks contain many stunning features, such as touch response, audio, quizzes, videos, animations, interactive advertisements, and links to external websites and applications.

All these features add multiple dimensions to your eBooks and make the reading process fun and engaging. Flipbook conversion services help authors and publishers present amazing audiovisual content in the form of beautifully designed flipbooks – containing less text and more graphics. You can teleport your readers to a virtual world and help them build visualization skills, thanks to this amazing advantage of eBook creation services


Convert across formats and platforms

eBook conversion services help authors and publishers prepare their content for a variety of formats and platforms. Each of the different publishing formats such as HTML5, ePub, PDF, MS Word, etc has its own advantages and experts help you create eBooks in all the formats you and your readers are comfortable with. 

There are also various eBook distribution platforms and applications such as Amazon Kindle, Kobo, Nook, iPhone Books, Google Books, etc. All platforms have a huge audience and different pricing structures. Some platforms are available only for a limited number of devices, while others have applications for all devices. While some platforms have individual pricing for all the eBooks available with them, others have a fixed subscription model that encourages users to read as many eBooks as they want for a fixed monthly fee. 


High quality solutions

eBook conversion services guarantee high quality solutions to authors and publishers. Great examples of eBook success are amateur chefs and cooks. Many working professionals and homemakers who loved cooking and developing knowledge about foods. 

Cookbook conversion services help authors discuss their recipes, nutritional and dietary information, lifestyle tips, information about global cuisine, different types of food and drinks, and a lot more information based on their reader’s preferences and goals. These eBooks contain many of the interactive elements mentioned above, along with extensive information about the author. Authors can directly engage with readers who often write back on your social handles and emails.


Let experts find publishers and distributors for your work

eBook conversion services save the trouble of running behind publishers and distributors to get your work published. However, if you submit your manuscripts on your own – it could take several months for the publishers to come back.

Experts also have tie-ups with many publishers and distributors, and since they keep sending work from multiple authors. When compared to print publication – which involves making multiple visits to the offices. 


Save money

Since eBook creation services offer you to avail multiple services in a combined package, you are guaranteed to save money in the process. Most experts would offer you individual prices for different services as well as end-to-end packages. Other payment models include the premium subscription model and bulk orders. 

The premium subscription model enables authors to pay a lump sum amount for a long time period. Authors and publishers can also go for the bulk model, which allows them to get two or more different works. 


Manage content better

eBook creation services help authors and publishers manage content better with the help of a systematic channel. Most experts have sophisticated content management systems (CMS) that enable authors to store their content.

While availing eBook conversion services, many authors also get access to free tools such as grammar checking, content optimization, and formatting checking to present their content in the best way possible, before it gets reviewed by experts.


Get your work translated in various languages

eBook conversion services help authors convert their texts into various languages. Many experts offer multilingual eBook creation and conversion services to help authors and publishers.

Such services have helped native authors with very limited knowledge of the world and its culture reach millions. A Canadian researcher on nanotechnology can easily engage with young amateur students residing in all the seven continents.


Outsourcing eBook creation and conversion services

Now that you know the incredible advantages of eBook creation and conversion services. You shouldn’t waste any further time and outsource the work immediately. Choose eBook experts that take care of end-to-end creation and conversion solutions at affordable rates. You can also outsource eBook creation and conversion services to offshore experts that offer round-the-clock assistance and professional customer service. 

SunTec Digital offers end-to-end high quality, multilingual eBook conversion services with customized packages for all kinds of eBooks, and with minimal turnaround time. The company has a digital publishing experience of over 20 years, having worked with 1000+ clients from 30+ countries. You can also get a free quote by emailing all your requirements to [email protected]


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