5 Challenges in Developing FinTech Applications

The trend of creating mobile applications has seen an increase in the past few years. Every business has a mobile application today and appears to be incomplete without one. Mobile applications have taken a key place in business transactions and online payments. Its use has been elevated by people for the convenience and ease that it provides. Creating a mobile banking fintech applications isn’t as simple as it might appear to the public.

There are certain challenges to creating a qualitative mobile application for banks and businesses. Therefore, it is important to understand the risks that FinTech software development holds. It requires enough resources and time for creating a FinTech application that meets the specific needs of the business and is at par with the market trends. It should also ensure customer satisfaction by meeting their expectations. There are challenges along the way unless you hire FinTech software solutions providing you with solutions to all your problems related to FinTech mobile applications. 

5 Challenges in Developing FinTech User-Friendly Applications

These five challenges will represent the pain developers endure while creating a financial application for a bank or a business that meets the customer and client expectations.

Following the Market Trends and Meeting Customers Requirements

This should top the list of challenges as these two are the most pertinent of all the challenges that FinTech software developers face while creating financial applications. The modern generation expects the best of technology and user experience while using an application and a more customized FinTech experience. The millennial generation makes up for the majority of the users and is the driver of technology and trends in the market.

This generation is helping expand digitization across the globe and changing the traditional ways of going about routine business. They make up for the largest portion of the percentage that is using online banking technology. Therefore, it is normal that they expect user-friendly and mobile applications that allow them to enjoy the best user experience with ease. They expect banks to create mobile banking applications that cater to their needs and demands regarding financial services. The older generations are transitioning to the new ways of digitization and are converting to online banking.

This represents a challenge for the developers to create applications that cater to both generations while receiving utmost customer satisfaction and is market competitive as well. You can hire fintech app developers by reaching out to outsourcing companies like InvoZone that provide the best software consulting services.

Application Compatible UX

There has been an increase in the usage of online mobile banking applications to conduct financial transactions. Covid-19 and lockdown have increased the use and a large population starting using the online banking services in the last year. These applications get user’s personal information and details to provide them with the best user experience while making no compromise on their security.

The design of a financial app should be focused on fulfilling the user’s expectations and banking requirements. The user interface should be easy to follow to avoid any hassle. The app should take in a regular market update to improve the user experience. You can hire Fintech designers for custom Fintech software development services to get an application as per your requirements.

Security and Privacy Concerns

Security and privacy concerns are the biggest detriments when it comes to mobile applications, payments apps, and Fintech in general. Traditionally banks have security systems in place, guards, security vaults, and other measures in place to keep customers’ information and belongings safe. Virtual banks are prone to security and privacy breaches from hackers and this puts the customer’s security at risk. It just doesn’t put money at stake but their personal information as well.

For this reason, you need to establish security levels for your FinTech application. You can Fintech app developers to take care of security concerns.

Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Integration

Big data and AI undoubtedly hold many benefits if integrated properly into the business. It holds various challenges and in the FinTech industry. It is important to find the right domain experts in your team. There are aspects that need special attention from the experts for identification. For example, tax planning, withdrawal of funds during retirement procedure, investment plans and loans and etc. You need domain experts before using AI on your application. A dedicated team of experts is important for your banking to achieve the market goals and compete in the market. 

Big data requires data privacy accuracy and regulatory compliance for an extensive output. You can outsource to hire Big data experts to take care of your data-related needs.

Compliance with Government Regulations

Governments keep the finance department in check and monitor finance-related activities. You should keep the government regulations in mind even if your applications run on traditional FinTech software. Don’t use a blockchain and other technologies. 

You should check your software compliance with the legal regulations in place and on the safe side should hire a legal consultant to take care of all the legal aspects of the business. The legal department should follow the government regulation policies and make changes accordingly and immediately. This will save you from legal issues and notices and hurdles that might put your business on hold for a while.


Online mobile applications and financial apps are a growing trend and that isn’t going to stop anytime soon. People realize the ease and convenience that online banking offers. They are ready to make the switch from the traditional model of banking. It saves time and the hassle to visit a bank physically. We are living in a time of a pandemic and people wouldn’t want to put their and other’s health at risk to conduct some financial business physically when they can take care of it from the comfort of their home. This will result in a habitual change that will not be easy to shift back to the old ways. The financial businesses will be making a wise decision to not delay the transition any further.

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