You must know these five things when purchasing a Smart TV

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The latest advancements of modern TV technology are giving us a multitude of options for Smart TV. When we contemplate purchasing the perfect Smart TV for our home entertainment, we often encounter different technical terms like LED, OLED, 4K, HDR and many more. This plethora of choices often confuse us, and we make the wrong decision, which often creates regrets later. That is why it becomes necessary to go for the most trustworthy TV brand. Samsung is the pioneer in the TV industry, which is affordable too. Here are five determining factors when you go to buy Smart TV of your preference.

Display type: 

The manufacturers have populated the Smart TV market with three mainstream options. They are namely – LED, QLED, OLED technologies.

  • LED: The Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology is the standard with Good motion blur and decent black levels, but the Viewing angle is poor.
  • QLED: The Quantum Dot LED, first featured in Samsung Smart TV models, provides Great colour volume, and Image retention is also remarkable.
  • OLED: OLED is a revolutionary tech where organic substances emit light. They provide good luminosity and exceptionally superior viewing angles.

Screen Size:

Another crucial factor is screen size that depends on the distance of the wall where the TV is and your watching seat. The standard rule is to sit at a distance from the TV, three times more than the screen height for HD and just 1.5 times the screen height for 4K UHD, to experience ampler details and attain a perfect viewing angle.

Refresh Rate: 

The refresh rate is denoted and measured in Hertz (Hz). This quantifier describes how many times a television screen refreshes the picture within a second. In a football match, motor racing or other sports where scenes include rapidly moving objects, the standard 60 Hz refresh rate can make the images blurry and vague. So, the latest Samsung Smart TV models have adopted even higher refresh rates to establish a solid picture quality in dynamic scenes. 120 Hz rate is the most popular for Gamers.

Screen Resolution:

The resolution will greatly matter when you love the detailed and sharp picture. It is the constituent pixels that develop the image on the screen. The more the pixels, the clearer the picture looks and the more precise the details get. The Full HD or 1080p is still a standard type of resolution. But, the Ultra HD of 4K is getting popular among the cinephiles because of its crisper and more defined pictures. With the technological prowess of Samsung, we have in the market the 8K televisions now, such as Samsung Q900 8K TV. These displays multiply the 4K resolution by 4, offering a quantum leap towards lifelike picture quality.

Sound Quality: 

For desired sound Quality, remember, the higher the wattage louder the sound output. If you are interested in investing in a decent sound system, consider setting up a soundbar to behold immersive and echoing sound throughout your living room. Besides these five nifty tips, here is another thing you should keep in mind while buying TV for your dreams.

Connectivity Alternatives:

In your initiative to buy a perfect home entertainment solution, do not forget to ensure the number of HDMI ports a Smart TV has. Also, if you are a gamer, look for this specifically to add a game console and soundbar to the device. Shop your new Samsung Smart TV from the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store to convert the entire cost to a set of No-Cost EMIs. Buying a TV on EMI using your Bajaj Finserv EMI Store entitles you to enjoy other perks like cashback and pre-approved offers.


The cosmos of Smart TV sets are upgrading at a rapid pace. To keep up, we need to know the exact meanings of some technical terms. To avoid further confusion and make the right buying decision, we need to be vigilant enough to understand each spec of a modern TV. One needs to consider the screen size, the screen type, optimal resolution, and decent sound besides looking for affordability wherever possible. With the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card, you can purchase your desired New TV with a no-cost EMI repayable over a tenor of 24 months while enjoying other perks like cashback and offers.

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