Why Should I Use Microcement Floor London?

Microcement is a cement-based floor that can be used sparingly on various surfaces. Microcement is a great way for toilets, kitchens as it provides a clean, stainless environment. In addition, the material is not slippery and has no mold, which makes it ideal to choose on the ground inside and out. Building materials which is an application reserved only for an experienced professional. If not, errors can be made during installation, leading to problems with the microcement. That’s why experts microcement floor London have provided their service for years. If you are interested in polished concrete be sure to check out Policrete

Microcement is a flexible cover with a wide range of decorating options. These amazing microcement floors are found in hotels, restaurants, or offices; microcement kitchen or bathroom walls; all kinds of furniture and small swimming pools.

Another reason why you should choose microcement flooring in London is that you will have the opportunity to choose the color tone you want and the finished design of your flooring system before installing. In this way, there will be no unexpected design bumps that often occur when polished concrete is installed. 

Reputable manufacturers of microcement products seek to develop high-quality products through the complete design and testing in real-world environments. Therefore, the products are attractive and durable.

Flexible but not easy to break

The microcement flooring material is also flexible, which means that it is not easy to break even when placed in elastic mortar layers. This means that if you choose to use this item on the Floor, you will have a sturdy and solid floor system. Using microcement floor London is also advantageous because you will not have a problem if you consider redecorating or remodeling your living space.

This type of flooring is highly flexible, which means you are open to making changes whether it changes color, end of design or tone of your flooring system. Note that you can install almost any type of Floor covering system on microcement flooring if you feel that the existing microcement flooring does not match the current styles of the latest interior designs.

No need for construction work or debris with Microcement

One of the most important benefits of microcement. As it is a continuous cover without covering the extension, it is unnecessary to use the equipment. Microcement is use on top of things that need to be repair, whether the Floor, wall, swimming pool, or furniture. There is no need for construction work; therefore, no waste is produced. Not to mention the wide range it brings to any room.

Reduce Need of Water

Microcement was develop to reduce water consumption compare to conventional concrete. However, it is easy to use, clean and the ability of the microcement to adhere to other materials, it becomes an ideal product for use in repairing aging or cracked concrete structures.

 Also, no pumping is required, reducing the need to use heavy equipment. This helps to reduce system costs and makes a huge difference when working in areas where space is limited.

Microcement Floor London

Dries Fast

Microcement is also good because it dries quickly. This offers designers and property owners who want to redecorate their homes with an extra option that does not cause many inconveniences. The microcement dries fast enough for the covered area to work during the day. 

Due to the fast stop time, the resulting area will match the quality. Since the microcement dries very quickly, it is possible to install it in one day, and the surface is ready for use the next day. So this is a good decision if you plan to do homework quickly. Microcement Floor London is also easy to use and looks professional.

Suitable for all interior & exterior

Microcement is suitable internal and external for all types of coating. But you should know which type to use each time. Many professional companies have designe five different microcement systems with different granulometry, each depending on the surface area, the end to be achieve, and the resistance provide by each.

Prepackaged Mix

Microcement comes in one simple component and prepackaged blend, making it easy to use and store. Since the mixture is prepackage, you can use it by hand. Hence, there is no need for any proficient tools to use. In this way, the quality of the finished space is in line with the improvement.

 Also, when the need for concrete mixing is eliminate, human error is prevent. This makes microcement an easy top option in almost all areas requiring fake concrete. Microcement is suitable for building owners with limited concrete and space placement skills.

Beautiful & Attractive

Microcement is a good thing. This is an attractive material. There may be a zigzag look or polished concrete ending due to the property owner’s preference. The thickness of microcement does not exceed and comes in a wide range of colors, it is suitable for both use like commercial and residential.

The thin microcement gives the feel and look of the concrete with a low price and weight of real concrete. It is the best thing to make your building or home more clean with an affordable price that you can use on your bathroom, kitchen, or living room floor walls.

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