Weld on hinges are Easily Installed onto the metal surface

Weld on hinges

Weld-on hinge is a type of industrial hinge that provides an attractive and durable solution to the problem of attaching metal doors. The process of manufacturing these hinges uses an extrusion process to create a hollow profile that gives the material the exact shape required for the hinge. The materials are cut and formed to fit the specific shape needed for the hinge. Once the materials have been shaped and formed, they are welded together to create the final product.

Weld-on hinges are used to attach metal doors to metal frames. They come in two parts: the female barrel and the male barrel. The male barrel contains a pin while the female barrel is devoid of a pin. Once the two parts are welded together, the hinges can be hung from the frames. These types of hinges are ideal for narrower frames and for permanent applications. The main advantage of welding on hinges is their longevity. They are an excellent choice for many industries.

When to use Weld-on hinges

A weld-on hinge is used where there is a metal surface. If we want to install a hinge on a metallic surface, a weld-on hinge is the best to use. 

As it will be hard to drive screws on the metal surface. With a weld-on hinge in hand, you won’t have the burden of using bolts and nuts. 

A weld on hinges is a better choice than a traditional hinge.

Materials of Weld-on hinges

Weld-on hinges are made of steel, stainless steel, or aluminum. They have a single or double pin and are suitable for both narrow and large-sized frames. They provide a sturdy connection between the door and its frame. This is also a good choice for outdoor applications such as BBQ pits and fishing equipment. A side from this, weld-on hinges is also commonly used for cab enclosures.

Carbon steel weld-on hinges is a great option if you need an extra-strong, corrosion-resistant hinge. These types are made of carbon steel and are particularly strong and durable, which makes them ideal for high-stress applications. However, carbon steel weld-on hinges do lack chromium and are prone to rust and corrosion. This type of hinge has been around for a long time and is a great choice if you’re building a cabinet or an entire house.

Industrial Applications of Weld-on hinges

Weld-on hinges are an excellent choice for commercial and industrial applications. They are better than screw-on hinges because they do not require drilling holes into the metal surface. Aside from being easy to install, weld-on hinges are also very durable. They last a lot longer than screw-on hinges. They are the best choice for doors in permanent applications, as they are the strongest. There are several types of weld-on hinges available for various applications.

Weld-on hinges are a great option for industrial applications, but they’re also used in other industries. For example, they’re widely used in commercial settings and are ideal for barbecue pits, toolboxes, and cab enclosures. Weld-on hinges come in different materials, but stainless steel is the most common. And it’s usually not expensive either. When you’re shopping for a weld on a hinge, be sure to check the material that it’s made of.

Why are Weld-on hinges more popular than traditional hinges?

The first and foremost reason is it doesn’t require drilling and fastening as that of a traditional hinge. The problem with the traditional hinges is you have to weld it separately and then fasten it separately.

Types of Weld-on Hinges

  • Heavy-duty Hinges

As the name suggests, these support heavy doors and gates that are frequently opened and closed. The material of the heavy-duty hinge is usually stainless steel. 

  • Gate Hinges 

A Gate Hinge is a mechanical bearing that allows room for the rotation of gates. That is why a gate hinge is suitable for professional use in a gate hinge.

Other types of hinges include barrel hinges. These are best for small cabinets and jewelry boxes. There are made of solid brass with brass links.

Butt hinges have two rectangular-shaped leaves with knuckles in between. Two leaves are joined by a pin. 

Concealed Hinges are used on the inner side of doors, and furniture. This is called invisible and hidden hinges. They don’t seem bulgy from the outside as they are aesthetically hidden on the inside. 

They provide full proof security and are aligned to the doors after installation.


In this article, we discussed weld-on hinges, types of hinges and their applications. Overall hinges are the main part of doors that plays a vital role in the rotation of the door.

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