Weekend Plan Today for These Amazing Places in Uttarakhand

Weekend Plan Today for These Amazing Places in Uttarakhand

The majority of people prefer to spend the time while traveling in hilly areas because you can find unlimited things. UTTARAKHAND is one of the most famous traveling destinations where people can enjoy trekking, camping, and water sports like much more stuff. The best thing about this place is that – you don’t need to hustle for resorts in CHOPTA or nearby places like KEDARNATH. All things you can find in affordable budget and maintained with proper facilities just for visitors. Travelers can book hotels/resorts online and also connect for any kind of queries to the owner/service provider. 


In this coming year if you are planning for a trip with family or friends then must roam in these places of UTTARAKHAND which is quite impressive and untouched by many.  

Here are some of the most famous traveling destinations in UTTARAKHAND 


VISITING these places can improve your mood and if you like to return back with a productive mindset then chilling out in these places would be a perfect suit. Following destinations has lots of things which you can explore now. 




If you want to explore the monuments and historical places in UTTARAKHAND then this spot would be perfect for you. Here visitors can find temples of several years ago and take a visit to historical places is a quite adventurous activity to perform. So if you have a desire to dig deep into our historical culture then this kind of curious traveler could enjoy it a lot. Favorable time to visit this place is in the month of October to June only and there are lots of temples like Nagnath, Baleshwar, and Lohaghat attractive places where you can visit.  




No one can ignore the fact that it is the crown of UTTARAKHAND and due to this place majority of travelers come to visit this place. Tungnath Temple is the world’s largest temple and its elevated height is about three thousand something. In this place, there is a lord SHIVA who spreads the glory and enlightenment through the positive vibes. Visitors can visit this place in the month of April to November and reach this temple you need to cover a distance through trekking only. There is an epic story behind this temple and it would be nice if you offer prayers with family here. Tungnath temple is situated at the peak of CHANDRASHILA and in this place, you could find several other temples where people have great faith. From CHOPTA, it takes at least 225 km to reach the place where this temple exists. 


  • BHOWALI – 


Want to take a rest in the lap of nature? If yes, then this place has lots more things for sightseeing and get a huge relief in the bed of nature. BHOWALI is an amazing place where most visitors visit for the sake of fascinating beauty. In this place, you can find the most picturesque landscape, lush green forests or meadows, smooth breeze, melodious chirping of birds and hills. Favorable months, when you can visit these places are – February to April of the year. 




If you are a wildlife lover or passionate about capturing wildlife species worldwide in the cameras. Then this park has diverse species of flora and fauna and most of them are in the category of “endangered species” due to this reason this park is a shelter to survive for a long time. Government has decided to preserve the breeding of animals and do all the required measures for the protection of these wildlife species from poachers/weather. Favorable times to visit the species dwelling in the park are in the month of November to June only. 




Don’t you have a wish to spend time among the groups for some time? If yes then you can come to this place for some kind of peace and solitude experience. MOUNT ABBOTT has one attractive place which is a quite pleasing place which you can visit and that is – CHURCH in the town. As per the locals, this place is established several years ago for tourists and they can enjoy bird watching, photography, and trekking also. 


Wrapping up – 

In UTTARAKHAND, there is quite interesting beauty nature has preserved for you. Only nature makes it beautiful and effective for the eyeball of people. This kind of thing you can only experience in heaven and not everywhere else. AIPAN RESORT is a good experience to every nook of UTTRAKHAND and if you like to add some memories of CHOPTA or anywhere in the UTTARAKHAND. Then this traveling brand is always there to serve you with the luxurious best stays in CHOPTA undoubtedly.

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